The Best Table Tennis Equipment: Butterfly, Killerspin, Or Yasaka?

Choose the best table tennis equipment for your needs from information provided about the three most renowned brands: Butterly, Killerspin and Yasaka.

In table tennis, three of the most popular equipment suppliers are Butterfly, Killerspin and Yasaka. But which one is the best for your needs? Explore the comparisons below to determine the most desirable option based on your skill level and performance requirements.


If you're looking for a vastly comprehensive selection of equipment available, try Butterfly. Producing the largest line of table tennis equipment in the world, the acclaimed retailer offers a bevy of items such as shakehand blades, penhold blades, rubbers, racket cases and accessories, nets, balls, tables, bags, clothing and even robots""all designed to provide you with the best game possible.

Specifically, Butterfly's rubbers are made with unique High Tension technology, which captures the speed from your opponent's serve and applies it to your next swing, thus giving you an extra competitive boost. In addition, Arylate fibers are used in Butterfly rackets to cut down on the vibration felt at swing impact, providing a more consistent game.

Butterfly products are used at many notable competitions such as the Asian Championships, ITTF Pro Tour Finals, the U.S. Open and the U.S. Nationals, but if you're not an expert-level player don't distress. Their supplies are not only for the pros. In addition to the advanced-skill options, you'll find a variety of choices for beginners and intermediates alike.

You can purchase Butterfly products at various sporting goods retailers and online websites.


The American-based group Killerspin offers innovative versions of traditional equipment including outdoor tables made with patented Compact Technology® and a wide range of rackets, balls and blades.

One of their most exciting products is the RAD competition table, which features an ergonomic handle and a special coating called SKILTOP® that provides an optimal surface. Couple that with pads that ensure a level table throughout the game and accessibility for disabled players, and it's hard to find fault with it.

This brand also focuses on the safety and durability of their products, standing behind their return policy and warranty guarantee for all items. Should you have questions about the variety, Killerspin representatives can help you with product advice, selection assistance and more. In addition, Killerspin has a positive reputation in the table tennis community, regularly providing equipment and sponsoring players in tournaments such as the U.S. Open and the Cleveland Open.


Yasaka equipment is world-renowned for its quality and effectiveness. Using 3D technology, the Japan-based line creates top-of-the-line blades, popular with casual players and professionals alike. The collection also boasts a wide selection of rubbers made from a combination of synthetic with natural materials, resulting in enhanced speed and strength.

Yasaka is perhaps best known for its speedy Mark V rubbers, favored by countless tournament champions and designed for serious, hard-hitting players.

You can find Yasaka products at sporting good stores and a variety of online sites specializing in table tennis.

Whatever kind of equipment your searching for in the world of table tennis, rest assured you'll find what you need from these three reputable brands. They offer versatility, variety and high quality items for all types of players.

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