Table Top Snowman Craft

Here is a great snowman craft for children around Christmas time. This table top snowman is sure to please everyone.

Items Needed:

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

3 Styrofoam balls: Small, medium and Large

Cream colored fabric

Black felt hat

2 sticks


Scrap Plaid Material (for scarf)


Needle and Thread


Garland or greenery (optional)

Pinecones, birds or other decorations (optional)


Take the large ball; cut the bottom of the ball off, so that it stands upright on table. Take toothpicks, insert them into the bottom of the medium ball, and attach to the large one. Repeat with small ball, and attach to medium one.

This is to determine that your large ball has been cut properly and will support the weight of the other balls. If it is not standing straight or is wobbling, try cutting more off the bottom of the large ball.

Take cream colored fabric, wrap around small and medium ball, and cut to desired length. You want to be able to sew edges of fabric together on each ball, leaving the center of the bottom of the small and medium balls open, exposing the Styrofoam. (You might want to leave the toothpicks in the small and medium balls. This will determine where your fabric should end, and that area should not be covered.)

Using scissors, take medium ball and cut away a small portion of the fabric on the top, so that the toothpick from the small ball fit inside it. Repeat procedures with the large ball, so that the toothpicks from the medium ball fit inside it.

Drape remaining fabric over large ball. Attach medium and small ball. Make sure that snowman will stand up straight. If he wobbles, make sure your cut on the bottom ball is straight. If not, even it up.

Using a hot glue gun, take two large buttons and attach to small ball for eyes. Repeat procedures, using seven buttons to make a mouth. For the nose, you can use buttons or a carrot. If you want to use a carrot, simply cut a small slit through the fabric where you want the nose to be, and push big end of carrot through the Styrofoam. (NOTE: you may want to take a knife or other cutting device and cut a hole in the Styrofoam ball for the nose. This way, you want run the risk of messing the ball up or have it tearing apart from the pressure of pushing onto the head.)

Next, using hot glue gun, glue buttons down the front of the medium ball. Use as many or few as you like.

Now come the branches for the arms. You can either buy these in a craft store, or just go outside to your backyard or woods and find some. You want to branches, about the same size in length, with little twigs and stems on it. This makes your snowman more realistic. Take scissors and on each side of the medium ball, cut a slit in fabric just big enough to insert big end of branches. (Branches should be long enough to reach tabletop, no bigger.)

Push branches into sides of ball. The branches should point downward and rest on top of the table. (NOTE: Before cutting fabric, you might want to stand branch on table, lean against snowman, and mark on fabric exactly where end of branch should be inserted.) This prevents mistakes with having an uneven balance with your snowman.

Once branches have been inserted, adjust so that your snowman is standing up and not wobbly.

Next, take black felt hat, (craft store), and glue to head, either straight up or at an angle.

Take plaid fabric, or any other kind of scrap material, fold, and place around snowman's neck as a scarf. You may arrange scarf to hand any way you desire.

Now, for the bottom, take some greenery like pine boughs and place all around the snowman, covering the rest of the fabric.

(I recommend spreading the fabric out around snowman like a fan, and laying greenery on top of it. This will help anchor the snowman and keep it stable.)

For added decoration, place some pinecones around greenery along with some nuts and berries, holly leaves, etc.

You might even want to add a red bird or two. These could stand on snowman's hat or arms or on top of some of the greenery by some nuts and berries, as if it were eating.

For those on a budget, you can do a much simpler snowman.

Simply omit the colored fabric. Use any kind of hat that you desire. Branches, pine boughs, pine cone, nuts, berries, and acorns from your back yard. Use scrap material for scarf. Push buttons, carrots, or other items into foam balls rather than gluing. (However, I recommend gluing.) You will still have a white snowman centerpiece.

Follow the same directions as listed above, but implement the above steps as indicated.

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