About Taiyo Yuden Media

By Isabel Prontes

  • Overview

    Taiyo Yuden Media is an electronics and materials company based out of Ueno, Tokyo, Japan. The company has been in existence for over fifty years. Taiyo Yuden Media is a noteworthy company because it was one of the pioneers of recordable compact disc technology (with larger companies such as Sony and Philips) back in 1988.
  • Geography

    Although Taiyo Yuden Media originated in Japan, it also operates factories in other locations in Asia including Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and China. Internationally, the company consists of over ten thousand employees and has annual sales of at least one billion dollars.
  • History

    Taiyo Yuden Media was founded in March of 1950 by Hikohachi Satu in the Suginami-ku section of Tokyo. Since then, the company has come up with a lot of innovative advances and creations, including the "That's" audio tape that was released in 1982, the "That's" Double Intensity CD-R in 2000 and much more.
  • Identification

    Taiyo Yuden Media branded products are common in Japan, but outside of Japan, they are usually rebranded and can be easily found under more well known names such as Panasonic, Sony, Maxell, TDK, Fujifilm, Fusion, Miflop, Plextor, and various others as well.
  • Size

    The Taiyo Yuden Media Group is large and some companies under it include (in Japan) Taiyo Chemical Industry Company, Sun Vertex Company, Taiyo Fukishi Company, Tsukiyono Denshi Company, Chuki Seiki Company, That's Fukushima Company and in the United States, Taiyo Yuden USA and TRDA Inc.
  • Theories/Speculation

    You can purchase Taiyo Yuden electronic components, DVD media and other items from many internet vendors, such as Super Media Store, Digi Key, U Line, Rima, EMedia Depot, Merit Line, Neato.com, CDR/DVR Media, and many others (there are also stores that sell Taiyo Yuden Media wholesale products).
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