Tarantula Care

Tarantula careHow to house feed and handle a tarantula safely.

Tarantulas have always been a source of fear for most people. Because they are arachnids or what is commonly known as a spider, people tend to shy away from these creatures. Most people believe that all of these creatures are hostile and deadly, when in fact some breeds of tarantulas are very gentle and rarely bite unless they feel threatened. Most will run before they will bite. If they do bite there is no need to write out a will. Most of the common pet tarantulas are about as poisonous as a common bee sting. There are however some breeds of tarantula that are the exact opposite and are very hostile. These types are not good pets for the beginner, Before purchasing a tarantula make sure you know what breed you are getting and what kind of temperament it has. Don't rely on the clerk at the pet store to have all the accurate information you'll need. Do the research yourself before hand.

Tarantulas should be kept in a warm aquarium. Line the bottom of the aquarium with peat or potting soil. Leave a small dish of water in the aquarium to provide moisture. Decorations in the tank are fine, but don't add too many because this will give the tarantula too many places to hide from you limiting your visibility. Make sure that the decorations don't act as a ladder for your tarantula to get out of his tank.

If purchasing more than one tarantula, you will need to get a second tank. Tarantulas are not social creatures and will fight and kill off the smaller of the two. When handling your tarantula make sure that you don't bring him near your face. Some breeds can shoot the hairs or "bristles" off their backs. These hairs can cause irritation in people who are allergic to them. If any of their bristles get into your eyes, this can be a problem. Make sure you wash your hands after handling the tarantula and when cleaning the aquarium try not to stir up any dust. If you should get a bristle in your eye, get medical attention immediately. Another reason to keep a tarantula away from your face is that they can also strike quickly if they feel threatened and could bite you on the face.

This isn't the type of pet that will want to be kissed and hugged. They are more of a display pet. Small children should be discouraged from handling a tarantula. A child can easily injure or kill a tarantula. Also if a child gets too rough he could very well get bitten. Tarantulas are not a good pet for children.

Tarantulas eat fruit flies, crickets mealworms or any other insect or creature it can over power including small mice. Tarantulas prefer live food, but you can sometimes use string to move a piece of raw meat around to give it the appearance of being still alive. Never give your tarantula wild insects or household pests.

Because a tarantula has an exoskeleton, he will need to molt as he grows. The tarantula will stop eating about 2 weeks before a molt. When he begins molting he will lie on his back and may appear to be dead. Don't worry. He will be fine after he sheds his exoskeleton.

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