Tarot And Astrology: Integrated Systems

Tarot cards and the zodiac have related aspects between the two systems which make for a better understanding of both. Tips for how to use them in your life.

Both Tarot and Astrology are forms of divination. They both are used to forecast the future, although many would argue that we still have free will and that indeed any information gained from this process still leaves decisions up to the individual. What is fascinating about both systems is that there are symbols in common or encoded into both systems that overlap. For example, key tarot cards correspond to astrological signs. In addition the different suites of cards correspond to different elements and have similar meanings to the elemental correspondences in astrology. As cards can correspond to different astrological signs so too do they correspond to different planets as well. The interlocking information between the two systems is amazing and can be quite useful for those interested in both of these disciplines. If one looks at the two as integrated systems then the information that can be gained is more far reaching and complex.

The first area of obvious integration of symbolism occurs when one looks at various cards and determines that indeed they are being linked with astrological signs. Examples include the Death card of the Major Arcana cards in the tarot deck, being linked to Scorpio, and by inference to the planet Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet. The Tower card is seen as being linked to the planetary forces of Mars and conflict, without being directly linked in some systems with any particular astrological sign per se. Once again the Tower card is one of the Major Arcana or major cards in the tarot card deck. The Emperor card is associated with Aries and the planetary influence of Mars. The Hierophant card is associated with Taurus in the Major Arcana, while the Lovers card is associated with Gemini and thereby Mercury. The Empress card is associated with Venus without any specific sign designation. Aquarius is associated with the Star card. Capricorn is associated with the Devil Card portraying, you guessed it, a goat man. Capricorn being the goat. Cancer is associated with the Moon card. Libra with the Justice card with it's symbolic scales of Justice. Other signs may differ by system of tarot cards as there are different types of cards as well, and even the above examples are sometimes changed depending on school of thought.

All of the tarot cards can be associated by suit so that the tarot card suit of wands is associated with the element of fire, while the suit of swords is air, the suit of pentacles or coins is associated with earth, as the suit of cups is associated with water. Once again depending on the deck and the system and the school of thought some symbolisms can be changed. In many cases swords and wands are changed in their symbolism. The different elements can also be used to interpret the cards, as fire means creativity, passion, anger, and water means emotion, and love, or as earth means material things or things of family or wealth and gossip, while swords mean conflict as in air, or intellect. This is just a brief analysis of meaning however actual astrological meanings can easily be attached to each Tarot card.

When we look at the different strengths of tarot and astrology and then realize that they can be used in conjunction, it is rewarded to learn how they can be integrated. As an integrated system they are a whole greater than the sum of their parts. In some respects tarot does not require the complex math and casting of a horoscope and therefore may be more flexible. However it may not reveal as detailed knowledge depending on how much you know about both systems. In the final analysis more knowledge is better. To understand both systems is to understand the big picture, to realize as the old Shakespeare quote says "There are more things under Heaven and Earth Horatio".... than any of us really understands or realizes. When we make those connections it is powerful.

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