Tarot Lesson: Reading For Friends And Family

Lessons for beginner tarotcard readers. How to start with success and fun. Includes information for friends and family.

Reading Tarot Cards is an interesting and fun way to get people together and bring out the hidden personality secrets and the hopes and fears of the near and dear all around. Not only this, but when a tarot deck and eager reader is present, everyone automatically sees the reader as an "very interesting individual," who holds all of the insights to life in the very palm of their hand.

To become a tarot reader for friends and family, a tarot deck has to be purchased if not already in the tarot readers possession. Where does a person find and purchase tarot cards? The best way to find tarot decks is to call the local bookstores. Many of them carry an array of beautiful decks to choose from. One of the most popular decks is called the "Rider Waite Tarot Deck." Anyway, the choice is up to the reader. Instructions come with the deck, so almost any deck can be easily learned.

After the purchase of a new deck, begin to get familiar with the concepts, pictures, words, and anything associated with the cards. Look at them carefully and study them in detail. Memorize the entire book if needed, but, ultimately, the talent and insight has to come out of the gifts of the individual reader.

One easy way of beginning to read, which may seem a little awkward at times, is to read aloud to no one in particular. This breaks the silence and helps a reader to hear his/her own voice and to even pick up momentum in the reading so as not to have too many gaps and silences in the readings. It may also help topick up a book on astrology and sun signs, to add to the knowledge of the entire art. Also, when a reader takes the leap and reads an actual person, sometimes unexpected questions come up, so it's helpful to know a little more than initially bargained for.

A reader should start readings with people he/she is most comfortable with--people that they know well. Not to be a cheater in this art, and it is an art, but, this is the best way to test the waters. Initially, readers will typically be encouraged by friends and family of their insight and talent, plus, they will also be showered with praise about their accuracy. The deal becomes a little different when reading strangers for cash. But, that is another lesson and should be considered when a reader developes a style good enough to start charging for readings.

Some find it helpful to take a class or two on how to read tarot cards. This is not necessary. Tarot is easy and one can self teach it with ease. Some individuals need more direction than others, but this defeats the purpose of tarot. Tarot has to come from within. It has to be a natural inclination to insight and foresight.

Good times to read for friends and family may be at parties of all sorts (Halloween is a fun time), when someone close is troubled, for insight into new or changing situations in the family or with friends, or to just check up on how things are going in someones life.

As with any other art, tarot takes practice, and so does the art of being insightful. Meditation is also heavily recommended for anyone who practices the art of healing, including fortune tellers, astrologers and mediums.

Tarot is a classic way to enlighten almost anyone who is willing to listen to a little fortune telling. It is a safe bet to being interesting, not to mention, beneficial to those who can follow the insights and those who can give them, as well.

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