Teach English In Thailand

Thailand offers many opportunities for the experienced and non experienced to work as an English teacher, either in an established school or as a private tutor.

All over Eastern Asia, from Japan and South Korea to the Phillipines and Thailand, there is a huge demand for native english speakers to tutor the english language. Even if you have no university diploma or teaching certificate it is still possible to find work in Thailand either as a private tutor or working in an established school. The wages for teaching positions in Thailand are generally lower than those offered in Japan and Taiwan, however this is offset by the much lower cost of living and the plentitude of jobs.

It is possible to arrange a job before departing for Thailand or else you can search one out once you are already there. The internet is becoming an increasingly useful tool in searching out job opportunities. THE BANGKOK POST online edition has an extensive employment section with many listings for positions in Bangkok and other cities. THE AUSTRALIAN online edition also carries ads for teaching positions in Thailand. Try also a general search such as "teaching, english, Thailand".

Once in Thailand there are several other tactics you can employ to hunt down a job. In Bangkok, other english teachers can be a great source of information regarding current vacancies, rates of pay, good schools and bad schools, etc. English teachers tend to congregate together after hours so try and find out where the current hangouts are. THE HARDROCK CAFE has always been popular with young english teachers in Bangkok. Another tack is to get your hands on a copy of the YELLOW PAGES OF THE GREATER BANGKOK METROPOLITAN TELEPHONE DIRECTORY, which contains many upcountry as well as Bangkok listings. Check headings such as schools, universities, language schools, etc. In Bangkok you can pay a direct visit to inquire about work or else phone them if they are upcountry.

The rates of pay are generally higher in Bangkok than the rest of the country. If you are hired with no qualifications or teaching experience expect to be paid about 10000B a month (bout US$270). If you hold a degree or a teaching certificate such as TEFL you can earn anywhere from 30000B to 50000B a month (US$800-US$1300). Out of Bangkok these figures are cut by about a third.

Once hired your employer must obtain a work permit for you. This is important and some smaller schools try and get around it which can cause a lot of hassle when you come to leave the country. The larger schools are usually quick and efficient.

Most of the time you will need to find your own accomodation. In Bangkok try to find a place near your work as getting around the city can be difficult. A simple one room apartment can be had for about 6000B-7000B a month. On the other hand you could arrange a discount rate with a guesthouse and pay perhaps 3000B a month for a single room.

Many of the smaller schools out of Bangkok can be quite unorganised and lacking in books and materials so be prepared to think up your own ideas for lessons.

The other option available is private tutoring. Cell phones are cheap in Thailand and are very useful for prospective students to contact you. To get yourself known take a small ad out in the Bangkok post or get a Thai friend to put an ad in one of the Thai papers. Also leave notices in the halls of universities and schools.

Some people soon discover that english teaching is not for them when faced with a room full of bored young Thai children, but others,even with no previous experience, discover a great new vocation and way to support themselves on their travels.

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