How To Teach Reading To A Child And Its Importance

Here is an instructional article about how to teach reading in your home. Make it fun instead of a chore, so they grow up in a household that enjoys reading.

If it weren't for the many mothers and fathers out there who realize reading is essential in today's world, most kids wouldn't bother lifting a book. By the time they enter junior high, they will develop the attitude that reading is not important if not introduced and reinforced at an early age. Unfortunately, learning to read is one of the hardest tasks a child can take on. Since it's not part of our genetic makeup.

Back in the Victorian ages, families sat together and had silent reading time that was considered private. Kids should be taught to read out loud, talk about what they read and parents should listen. Parents today have less time then their ancestors and therefore the quality time for reading vanishes slowly by time. By the time the child is older, reading declines rapidly.

Read to your child every day. Let them join book clubs in school and attend book fairs. Have grandma and grandpa buy books for birthdays and holidays. If you show a love for books, chances are your child will grow with the same interest.

Go on book shopping sprees. Buy a book for yourself and your child. You can be the best role model for your child.

Instead of watching TV, read a book. Set a time each day for the family to all sit and read a book together. Whether the time is set for an hour or two, your child will grow up and follow the same rules in his household. There is so much to be learned from books, and by reading, when your child enters college, he will have learned more than his classmates.

If you have a small child that can't read yet, buy that child picture books. Your child will be able to absorb so much just by looking at the pictures. By the time your child enters pre-school or kindergarten, he will have associated his work with the work of his teacher and be able to answer the questions that are asked of him much faster and without hesitation. There is nothing more rewarding than having your child read.

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