Teaching Your Child To Read

Why should I teach my child to read? Learn the many ways the written word transforms lives. Try having them build a story picture book!

We all understand the importance of being able to read in order to get through life. But is there more to reading than meets the eye? Do you know why you should read to your children at home? Do you know why you should not rely solely upon your child's teacher to help your child succeed in life?

Reading isn't just necessary for school studies. We need to be able to read so that we can function in society. We need to be able to read things such as street signs, medications, food labels, and work orders, to name a few.

We need to be able to read so that we can improve our personal relationships with one another. Think back to that special greeting card or letter from a loved one that meant the world to you. Did those feelings that were expressed, on paper, make you feel better? Think how different things would be if you never read those words.

We even need to be able to read to play many of the board games now available on the market. Games such as Monopoly, Who wants to be a Millionaire, and Pictionary. Even many of the computer games require some level of reading in order to work the games.

When you read to your children, you show them that you appreciate the written word. You set an example for them that no one else can. Children are more inapt to want to read when they see their parents reading. It doesn't matter that your children may one day become a better reader than you, what matters is that you teach them to love the written word.

How often have you heard the phrase, "knowledge is power?" Where do you think this knowledge comes from? From reading the written word through books, comics, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, journals, and yes, even on the internet.

The written word can transform an ordinary day into a day full of adventure. It can also teach you how to have a better relationship with your God or significant other. The written word can teach you how to become a better parent or how to handle a troubled child. And, the written word can even save lives; think of those who studied to become an EMT or doctor.

It's been proven that good readers often do better in school. This is because reading builds self-confidence and self-confidence builds character. Being able to read the words in text books, makes learning less of a chore and more of a positive experience.

Take a look at the problem children in your child's class. What do you see? Do you find them more likely to goof off in class, as a way to hide their inability to read well? Children who cannot read well feel less than adequate because they can never keep up with the other kids. They can even feel as though they are less of a human being. With classroom sizes growing from twenty to thirty children per classroom, the teacher does not have enough time to do one-on-one learning sessions; which means that many children will fall through the loop. If you, as a parent, do not stay up on your child's reading abilities that child could be yours.

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