Teaching Children Art

Teaching children art is fun and easy. Kids love to create and these ideas will help guide them.

Have you noticed your small child taking a crayon and making a circle then putting little marks inside that circle or perhaps drawing a square and making marks in the square? A child of even less than 2 with a crayon and a piece of paper can start learning art and being creative. The colors will attract your child if you get construction paper, crayons, little markers, etc. and just let them draw and create. Even at this age they are making pictures of their own and telling a story. I would urge you to look at the potential of your child even at this age with reference to art.

You can start with most any materials: construction paper and cut out pictures from magazines are good. Let him paste them onto the paper and create his own art. Let him make the pictures as he wants, don't direct his little hands, let him do this on his own. Also don't worry that he will make a mess, this can be cleaned later, let him even get dirty, he can be bathed, just let him enjoy his art.

As your child gets older take him on trips to art museums to get a little taste of the different forms of art.

When you go out to the local lake or park take along his art supplies and you can both create a picture. You might suggest that he draw a nearby tree or a flower. You will be amazed at how proud the child will be showing all his artwork. The most important thing is that you can expose your child to art and to the beauty around him.

When a child goes to school he has the chance to do lots of art activities in his classroom. Often these craft projects are made for the parents to visit the class and see their child's art hanging on the walls in their school. Perhaps a class will exhibit each week in the halls.

Encourge your child to create something he might see in his mind or might have seen in a dream. There are many ways to express art, such as when you are at the beach building houses in the sand or other sand sculptures. You can take play dough or silly putty and make many different things such as a ball, a dog, a hot dog, and in this way your child can create art. A child can look at his puppy and then draw a picture and experience immense pride when you praise his masterpiece and put it on the refrigerator door for the entire family to see. Always be very proud of all he does in expressing his creativity.

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