Teaching Children Manners

All about teaching your children good manners and polite behavior.

Are you tired of the epidemic of rude children?? Here are some tips to teach your children good manners from early on.

--The most important way to teach your child good manners is to have good manners yourself. Remember: kids model their parents behavior.

--Reward good behavior and good manners and let your children know that it is appreciated.

--If your child doesn't say please and thank you, remind them, but don't make a big issue out it. If you keep nagging them, they will just rebel and it will be a control issue.

--Point out children with good behavior and good manners.

--Show them children with poor behavior and point out that adults and children don't like to be around those kids.

--Start a reward chart/sticker chart and show them how listening and good manners will reap them more than bad behavior.

--Some communities have children's etiquette classes consider enrolling your child.

--If you are going to a restaurant or theater where good manners are required, tell your children what you expect of them before you go.

--Explain to them that they get privileges and special outings because they know how to behave.

--If they engage in rude behavior, don't yell and scream, that just gives them more attention. Firmly explain that that behavior will not be tolerated and take away a toy or privilege

--Try and limit television shows and movies that show children (even cartoon characters) engaging in rude and obnoxiouos behavior. Your children will only model this behavior.

--Check out a book from the library that teaches good manners. Many feature popular characters that your children will recognize, which will make them more apt to listen to the story.

--Have your child help you make a "good manners chart" that lists the manners/behavior your child is going to try and follow.

--Have friends and relatives also give encouragement when your child is polite.

Once you begin following the above tips, you will start noticing that manners and good behavior will begin to come more naturally without any reminding or rewards. Remember, be patient, this isn't learned overnight. And, try and start as young as possible, it will make your job easier. Good luck!!

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