Teaching Children Manners And Politeness

In today's society, it seems something is missing. Manners and politeness have disappeared. The definition of manners is: characteristics, styles, behavior, and type of action or way of acting towards something or someone! Politeness is defined as: relating to or having the characteristics of advancement as in society or culture or being marked by an appearance of thoughtfulness or consideration and common courtesy and tactfulness. It is so important to express words of praise and teach our children to use politeness at all times. This article talks about phrases for praise and manners for all.

"You are special!" "I Love you." Do we say those words enough? When was the last time you heard those words? These phrases and others similar to them are very important in our daily life. Sadly enough though most of these phrases seem to have vanished in our society today. We use these phrases, these words daily with our children and with the people we meet. Nevertheless, are they just empty phrases or do we really mean it? It is so important to express words of praise. The feeling that one gets when some one says "thank you" or "you look good today" or "I love the haircut", "wow, cool shirt, I love it", "I love you" "you're wise, beautiful, and I'm so glad you're part of my life" mean a lot to people.

We don't say, "thank you, you're welcome, I love you, and you are special, you are important, handsome, pretty, wise, or smart," enough! People like to hear some one say, "thanks" when they do something, or when some one else does something. It does a person's heart good to hear those words. The scriptures say:

"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones." Proverbs 16:24

Now on the other hand a loving, tender, beautiful word, a little word of encouragement or thanks will renew the mind and spirit. A little word of prayer will help rebuild the spirit also. A reminder of who a person is and what they mean to another will also rebuild and strengthen the spirit. As parents, children, mates, we need to realize that the home atmosphere is a product of words and this product of words spills out into the work place and play area. We need to be cautious as to what we say about our children, about our mates, about our mother and father and about ourselves.

Manners and politeness live in the realm of words and we need to instill this realm of words back into the life of our children before our society crumbles around us. Parents and teachers, employers and mentors need to begin using these common words of praise and politeness before they become obsolete.

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