Techniques Used in Grief Counseling

By Tamara Runzel

There are many different techniques used in grief counseling. New techniques are developed and added to old techniques. Everyone grieves differently and so there are many types of grief counseling. The type of counseling a person seeks out will depend on his situation and how his loss has affected him. Grief counseling helps a person get through a traumatic event or loss in his life. One type of counseling may fit one person in a family, while another type fits another person in the same family facing the same loss.

Group Grief Counseling

One type of grief counseling is group grief counseling. This type of grief counseling can be done by psychologists, social workers and clergy, among other professionals. Group counseling allows people who have suffered a loss to be around others who are facing the same type of situation they are facing. Through talking with others in the same situation you are able to relate and work through your loss. Many times in a group grief counseling session, the professional is more of a mediator than a participant. Most of the talking and sharing happens between those people who are dealing with a loss.

Individual Grief Counseling

In some cases, people dealing with grief may not feel comfortable around a group yet. In situations like this, you would seek out a pastor, psychologist or other counselor who you can talk individually with. A counselor will help you bring out feelings you may be avoiding. By bringing out your feelings and talking with a counselor about those feelings, you are able to move forward. A counselor will help you move through the stages of grief including pain and guilt, depression and finally acceptance.

Art Therapy

Another type of grief counseling involves helping you work through your grief through creativity. Art therapy combines counseling and art. Art therapy is used in all different age groups. If you are having a hard time expressing how you are feeling in words, through art therapy you can express your feelings through drawing. The creativity allows people an active way to open up and deal with their loss. Art therapy can be done individually or in groups.

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