Teen Life: Hair And Make-Up Tips For Dates

When you're going out, hair and make-up tips for dates are great to have on hand to ensure you look your best.

Having good hair and make-up tips for dates is essential for teens that want to look and feel their best. If you know the correct ways to apply make-up and do your hair, you will always look fantastic. The best hair and make-up tip for dates is to remember that neither activity has to be a chore; they can be fun and exciting if you know how to do them.

The first make-up tips for teens getting ready for a date is to have a good base on hand. A great foundation or a tinted lotion will go a long way to making your skin look absolutely perfect. Foundation is more for teens that need some heavy coverage. If you have acne scars, red marks or blotchy skin, foundation is for you. You must find the perfect foundation for your skin color of you will end up looking unnatural and maybe even a little scary. The underside of your wrist will be the closest in color to the skin on your face. Test a little bit of foundation there and rub it in. If it blends, it's the right color. If it's noticeably different, keep looking. You don't want to apply foundation so heavily that it looks thick or cakey on your skin. You will also have to decide which kind of foundation will work best for you. If you need just a little help, opt for a more light weight version. If you're a teen that has a severe skin condition, like extreme acne or scars, a heavy coverage foundation would work best for you.

Tinted lotion is a great make-up alternative to foundation. If you are a teen that has good skin already and doesn't need the cover foundation provides, pick a light lotion instead. A tinted lotion will give you a little bit of color and even out your skin tone. This make-up tip works best for people that don't suffer from acne or past red marks or scars.

One last make-up tip for dates is using your lipstick as a blush. If you dab a little of it on the apples of your cheeks and rub thoroughly, you will look perfectly flushed for your date. This is a convenient way teens can save money and time.

To get your hair in tip top shape for the big date, you'll want to have a few products and a few hair tips handy to help you out. Hair and make-up tips for dates will give you little known secrets and shortcuts to help keep your hair and skin beautiful. A clarifying shampoo and conditioner will help to remove any buildup and oils on your scalp. When the buildup is gone, your hair will be much more manageable, shiny and more willing to conform to the style you've chosen. If you put too much of any hair product on, it will weigh down your hair, so be careful.

Once you have washed your hair, you will want to decide if you want to do your hair curly, or straight. A great hair tip for curly haired teens is to use shampoo/conditioner sets that will help to maximize curl and wave and decrease frizz. There are also gels and mousse available that help set and keep curls bouncy all night long. To top off your curly look, choose a finishing spray designed to keep curls tight and soft throughout hours of your date.

You'll find the same sort of products available for straight haired teens as well. If you have naturally curly hair or just desire a sleek, straight look, here's a hair tip for you: use curl relaxing shampoos/conditioners to take any and all of the curl or waves from your locks and leave you with soft, sexy and very straight hair!

Hair and make-up tips for dates will enable you to shine on your big night. Having beautifully applied make-up and silky hair will not only make you look great but you'll feel great about yourself. So, follow some of these hair and make-up tips for dates and your date will be one to remember.

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