Teenagers: Great Part-Time Job Ideas For Teens

Teens can find lucrative employment in a variety of areas including fast food restaurants, offices, retail, country clubs, summer camps, and self-employment opportunities.

If you are a teenager in search of a part-time job, you may be a little confused as to exactly where and how to find that perfect employment opportunity. You should take heart, however, because there are actually numerous opportunities for employment that you and other teens can take advantage of.

Of course, one of the most obvious places to apply for a job is a fast food restaurant. You shouldn't look at a restaurant job as a dead-end street, however. Once you've established an excellent work record, there may be several opportunities for advancement. You should take a job like this with a positive attitude. Try to learn as much as you can about all of the aspects that go into working at and running a fast food establishment, such as serving, stocking, bookkeeping, and management. Some fast food restaurants offer lucrative incentives for more responsible positions.

If you've visited a mall in your area, you've probably noticed quite a few teenagers working in many of the stores. Here again, you may have an opportunity to move up the store's corporate ladder to a better position, such as assistant manager. You will need to prove that you can meet and exceed challenges in a retail establishment.

You can even find opportunities for advancement by working in a grocery store. You will probably start out as a bag boy, but you may eventually move up to cashier, and possibly assistant manager, if you apply yourself and act responsibly.

If you are planning on majoring in some type of business, marketing, or communications career, you might want to consider searching for office employment. If you have already had computer classes, you need to put this down on your resume and employment applications. Once you begin working in an office environment, look for opportunities to learn more about the business. Show that you are willing to work hard and become more educated so that you can advance up the corporate ladder. Larger corporations may even offer college scholarships to teenage employees, and they may offer teens the opportunity for full-time employment after graduation.

If you enjoy working outdoors, you may want to try to find employment at your local park and recreation department. Country clubs and health clubs may also be searching for teens to work in maintenance or as lifeguards. If you enjoy working with children, you might want to consider working at a summer camp.

Many teens find employment opportunities by developing their own businesses. You may decide to partner with a friend and create your own job opportunities. There really is no limit to what you can do once you set your mind to it. Some teens find that their business becomes so successful that they have to hire additional workers to help with the work load.

Some self-employment ideas include lawn/yard maintenance, babysitting, house cleaning, pet care and/or pet sitting, and house sitting. If you are computer literate, you might want to consider teaching computer classes to others who are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing technology of today's world. You may even be able to find online employment by designing web pages. If you are very creative, you might be able to design and sell your own jewelry, purses, clothes, etc.

Finally, you can find the perfect job if you are persistent and willing to work hard. Take each job with the attitude that you will do your very best and always look for opportunities of advancement. The harder you work and the more responsible you are, the greater chance you have of finding and keeping the perfect job!

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