Television Feature Reviews

Anyone who wants to buy a new television should be aware of their many options, including size, screen type, and other high-tech features.

Buying a television set is no longer a simply task. Television sets now come in a variety of sizes and have a more optional features than most people would have been thought possible a decade ago. Whether you want a simple television set just to watch the evening news on or a high-tech television set to impress your fiends with, you need to know about the latest television feature reviews.

Everyone wants a clear picture. Several new technologies, including liquid crystal displays (LCD) and plasma, claim to provide the clearest picture possible. In addition to the great picture that LCD and plasma televisions provide, many people like the sleek style of these flat screens televisions.

The way television programs are broadcasted also influences the quality of the picture. Broadcasts used to be done using an analog format. Now, some programs are also broadcasted using a digital format called high definition television (HDTV), which provides a clearer picture. Some new television sets have HDTV tuners and are able to receive HDTV signals; older television sets are not able to receive these signals. HDTV tuners can also be purchased separately.

Televisions come in any size from extremely small and portable to huge. Large screens, which are great for watching action movies, appeal to a lot of people. With a bigger screen, picture quality is very important. Big screen, flat panel LCD or plasma televisions with HDTV are a great way to achieve a large, perfect picture that is the next best thing to going to the theater.

In addition to a great picture, most people want a great sound. Some televisions come with built-in surround sound speakers; the sound produced by these televisions is very life-like. If a loud, attention-grabbing sound is not desired, many televisions come with a headphone jack allowing one person to listen without bothering anyone else.

Many people opt for combo televisions sets that come with a built in video player or DVD players. These combos do save space and may be cheaper than buying everything separately. Unfortunately, the video and DVD players included in these combos are usually not of the best quality, so people should be careful when buying combos.

Picture-in-picture technology allows viewers to watch one program on a large picture while watching another program on a smaller picture at the same time. This feature is great for people who want to watch one program while keeping track of a sports game or news event.

Parents with young children might want to take advantage of a television with V-chip technology. V-chips allow parents to prevent their children from watching adult content, even when the parents are not present. Most television sets now come with V-chip technology.

Technology is advancing very quickly; televisions will continue to get better and better. New technologies, including most of the features listed above, tend to be very expensive. People who do not watch television very often, or who watch mostly sitcoms or the news, may not need or want the latest technology. However, people who watch a lot of television and like to host Super Bowl parties or invite their friends over to watch the latest action movies might find that these new, impressive technologies are certainly worth the price.

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