Television Makeup Tips And Secrets

If you think those men and women on TV have flawless hair, skin and teeth---think again! Then spring into action and use some of their tips.

You've seen them on television. You've wondered how they could possibly look that perfect. You might have even harbored a little bit of jealousy toward these incredibly attractive men and women with flawless skin, white teeth, and perfect bone structure. Stop. Save yourself the pitfalls of guilt. No one is really that perfect""at least not too many people are. These men and women on television have enjoyed the benefit of a touch-up or two, using some tried and true make-up secrets from the television industry. Although you certainly don't won't to go out in public wearing as much makeup as a TV star might, you can in fact modify these tips to enhance your very own features for every day wear.

Let's start with hair. No, it's not makeup but it is still part of the head, and that's kind of a package deal when it comes to looking good! The easiest tip for great looking hair on TV is to skip the shampoo. What? Does that mean people on TV have dirty hair? No, of course it doesn't. What is means is that people on TV haven't just freshly shampooed their hair. This applies to special events for every day people, too. If you want your hair to look shiny and natural""but not flying all over the place""skip your daily shampoo. Wet your hair and dry or style it as necessary. Just skip the shampoo.

Let's go from hair to teeth. Years before whitening strips and expensive dental whitening procedures, TV actors and actresses had a couple of simple tips for whitening their smiles. The first was a thin coating of petroleum jelly applied to the front teeth. This might have tasted nasty, but the extra sheen it gave the teeth really did reflect as whitening. Women have the option of using their lipstick as a teeth whitening tool. To feign the appearance of a whiter smile, stick to lipstick with deep reds in the base color. This will helped slightly yellowed teeth appear whiter. Colors to stay away from are light pinks and most especially any color that resembles peach. These colors will highlight the fact that your teeth aren't pearly white. Another trick that helps whiten and brighten a smile is to put a generous dab of clear lip gloss right smack in the middle of the lower lip (after regular lip color has been applied.) This sheen acts as an illusion, drawing eyes to the vibrant lips and away from the color of the tooth enamel.

Do you ever look at people on TV and wonder what kind of genes they must have in order to be blessed with such wonderful bone structure? Stop wondering! Of course there are those fortunate few with perfectly straight noses, high cheek bones and full, even lips""but most of them have benefited from a trick or two from the trade.

To straighten a crooked nose or narrow a nose that appears too wide, use this simple trick. Draw a thin, straight line down the center of the nose, using a white or very light colored eye pencil. Blend the white very carefully, using natural color face powder. The line will create the illusion of a straighter, more narrow nose.

To highlight and improve cheek bone structure, you need two handy items. The first""a blush brush""is imperative. Use one with soft bristles that don't fall out. This helps improve the blending technique that will be used. The second item""a bronzer or darker shade than your regular blush""starts the process. Start by sucking in your cheeks. Find the highest, most prominent point of your cheekbones and lightly apply the bronzer or darker blush. Now finish applying blush as you normally would with your regular shade. Be sure to blend the two together well. This trick helps create the illusion of higher, more defined cheekbones.

Are your eyes wide set or perhaps a bit too narrow? A simple trick using a dark brown or soft gray eye pencil or eye shadow is all it takes to camouflage these flaws. For wide set eyes, apply the darker shade at the inner corners of both eyes. Blend with whatever you would normally wear for eye shadow. For narrow eyes, simply reverse the process""using the darker colors at the outer corners of both eyes.

Lips are easy to even out, but it takes the expertise of a calm and steady hand. This is one makeup tip that is best practiced well in advance of a big night out. Using a shade of lip liner that's just a little darker than your lipstick shade, draw a line around your lips""evening out thin or heavy areas where redefining is necessary. Next, top with lipstick and then with a light coat of base powder. The powder will set both the liner and lipstick to ensure a lasting, even smile.

These tips probably won't get you a job in television, but they will undoubtedly boost your confidence in yourself. This happens for two reasons. First of all you now know how to work with what you perceive as cosmetic flaws, and secondly, it always helps to know that most of those people on TV aren't quite as naturally perfect as they'd like for us to think!

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