How Do You Tell If A Bike Fits You?

How do you tell if a bike fits you? Bike shops should fit you for comfort and performance on a road cycle. Generally, when I have a little bit of a stand-over glance over the bike, I know it fits me. On...

Generally, when I have a little bit of a stand-over glance over the bike, I know it fits me. On a road bike, they usually are around an inch and on mountain bikes, usually a couple of inches; but even that has changed pretty dramatically over the last couple of years because of the new bike designs and things like that. Really, there is a happy medium between comfort and performance. So, the longer you ride, generally the more you want to be a little more stretched out and have a little more aggressive fit. But, when you first start, you don't really necessarily want to be set up the same way that I would set it up for myself for instance. Somebody who has been an experienced rider; that's where you can go in your work with the shop and say hey, they will look at you and they know what sizes they have. They will generally know when they have a consumer come in. Even when they just start talking to me, I am looking to see how tall they are. As they're explaining what their wants and needs are, in the back of my mind I am thinking I have got this brand of bike that makes some sizes that fit their size really well. Generally, most good bike shops are going to be tallying things up in their mind as you are talking. They are thinking "Great, I have an idea of what you are looking for, let's look at some different bikes from this brand or this brand."

And then what they will do is have you stand over or sit on and maybe take a bike for a test ride. Never deal with any company that tries to push you into something that you are uncomfortable with or is not willing to have some type of guarantee as to the set of the bicycle. A good dependable and reputable bike shop is going to say, "Hey look, we do good work and we stand behind it. If you are not happy, come back and we will try to find something that does help to make it work." Very rarely should they be like "hey, this is what you are getting. You are stuck with it and don't ever come back here." If that's the kind of feedback you get, then you probably are not dealing with somebody that you are going to have a good relationship with in the future.

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