How To Tell If Someone Dyes Their Hair

Determining if a coworker is a natural blond is easy when you know what to look for. Tips for discovering dye jobs.

There are so many options for people with regard to hairstyles. Many people not only choose to change their style, but also their hair color. With people changing their color on a regular basis, it can be quite difficult to know what a woman's natural color is. But it is less difficult to know what her natural color is not. With the advances in hair technology, just how do you tell if someone dyes her hair?

The most obvious way to tell is by looking at their roots. No matter how careful a person is to upkeep their hair color, it is inevitable that signs will show at the root. At the rate that hair grows, all one needs is about two weeks worth of growth for color differences to be noticeable. The best place to spot a person's roots is at their hairline. This is especially true of the temple and nape of the neck. Many times the hair at the temple is shorter, and sheds quicker. Thus the new growth will be more obvious, as it won't have older, dyed hair attached to it. The nape of the neck is also a good place to spot roots, as most people dye their hair only to the base of the neck. On either side of the base, the hair continues to grow down the neck. This hair is usually neglected in the hair dying process.

Another way to tell if someone dyes their hair is to look at their eyebrows. Many people dye their hair, but neglect to match their eyebrows to their hair color. Even the ones who do will have new eyebrow growth way in advance of their hair roots showing. With many women plucking and waxing their eyebrows on a weekly basis, the natural color, from the new growth is easy to decipher. The eyebrows are not the only giveaway area. Forearm hair will tell of a person's natural color also. And let's not forget the eyelashes. If you have the opportunity to see a woman before her makeup, you can tell her natural color. This is especially true of a brunette, who dyes her hair a very light blonde. Her eyelashes should be no darker than a light brown. People who have gray hair may also have gray eyelashes.

An additional way to tell if someone dyes her hair is by the shades of color in their hair. Natural hair has up to seven shades of the natural color. The lighter shades are in the front, and the hair darkens as you proceed to the back of the head. This is because the front and top receive maximal sun exposure, in comparison to the back of the hair. Someone who dyes their hair will have one color from the front to the back.

Some people highlight their hair for a more natural look. But this technique does the contrary. Highlights are purposefully placed, and nature does not highlight one's hair precisely. Instead highlights, look more like streaks, instead of shade variations, which is what natural highlighting looks like. If you are around someone consistently, you will notice dyed hair fading over time. The brightness will diminish into flatness after a couple of weeks. Sometimes with blonds, pool chlorine will leave a greenish tint to their hair. Determining if your coworker is a natural blond is easy when you know what to look for. But remember, if they keep it a secret, so should you.

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