Ten Things You Can Do With Discarded Shoes

Before you throw away those old shoes, stop and think about you can find a new use for them. Here are some ideas you can use.

1. Hang them on the wall.Do not throw away your grandmothers old Victorian shoes, no matter how worn they are.Find a special place for them in your home and hang them alongside her picture.Baby shoes are great for hanging as well, whether they are antique or two years old.

2. Display your old shoes in a shadow box.Special occasion shoes that will never be worn again can be displayed along with the program from a special event (such as your wedding).Dance shoes are also great for displaying after they are no longer in use.

3. Use them as garden planters.Old boots or sneakers can serve as unique plant holders amongst other containers in your garden.All you need to do is put a few holes in the bottom of the shoe for drainage, fill it with potting soil and add a few plants.Be careful not to overcrowd the container.

4. Give them to your dolls.It is especially difficult to dispose of children's shoes, but there really is no need to.Find a stuffed animal or life sized doll in your childs room, and put the shoes on the toy.Both you and your children will be able to enjoy their baby and toddler shoes for years to come.

5. Give them to your kids for dress up.You can paint old shoes and boots and have your child use them as clown shoes.They will also come in handy at costume parties.Women's shoes can be given to little girls in as-is condition.They will feel all grown up clomping around the house in your heels.

6. Create a work of art.Old sneakers make great canvas.You or your children can paint your old shoes in an abstract of realist design to create a fun piece of artwork.You can also transform it into a paperweight or bookend by inserting a bag of sand into the shoe.

7. Give them to your dog.Remove the shoelaces from your old shoes and write the dog's name on it in permanent marker.This way everyone will know that the dog is allowed to have the shoe.

8. Turn it into a lamp.Using a lamp kit found inexpensively at any craft store use an old shoe or boot (cowboy boots are the best candidates for this) as the base for your lamp.

9. Make a doorstop.You can weigh down a boot with sand, or rocks, and place it next to the door that you need to prop open the most.The next time you need a doorstop, it will be there for you.

10. Use it as a birdhouse.Cut a tiny hole in the toe of your old boot if there isn't a hole there already; by doing this you have made a window for your birdhouse.All you now need to do is hang it upside down from a tree--it is the perfect home for small birds.

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