Ten Things You Can Do With Discarded T-Shirts

Don't throw away your old t-shirts, recycle them.

Don't throw away your old t-shirts. Here are some ideas you can use to recycle them:

1. Use discarded t-shirts as cleaning rags. Once you decide that they are too old and worn for wear, cut each t-shirt in half to create rags. You want to be sure that you cut the t-shirt up; otherwise, it may end back in the drawer after it is washed. By destroying it, you assure that it only gets used as rags. These rags can be used to dust, scrub the kitchen and bathroom, and to clean floors.

2. Make pillows out of favorite t-shirts that have been outgrown. All you need to do is remove the sleeves and cut the arm openings and neck closed. Adult sized t-shirts can double as standard pillowcases.

3. Old useless t-shirts can be cut into small pieces, and used as stuffing for toys and pillows. As your shirts wear out, cut them up and store them in a large plastic container until your next need for stuffing arises.

4. Squares cut from old t-shirts can be used as decorative patches on jeans and other items. This works best with bright colored t-shirts.

5. Make nightshirts for your kids with your old faded t-shirts. If the t-shirt is too long or bulky for your child as-is, then take it up down the sides or shorten it by cutting with scalloped scissors. You want to make sure the child will not trip in the item, and that they will not be tangled up in it at night. Another reason to alter the t-shirts so they will fit your child closely is that close fitting pajamas are considered fire safe. Too loose of a fit can be dangerous in the event of a fire.

6. Turn t-shirts into dresses. You can turn t-shirts into drop waist dresses. The t-shirt must be at least hip length. All you need to do is to attach a simple length of fabric long enough to go all the way around the hem of the t-shirt. Then cut the bottom of the skirt to the appropriate height and hem.

7. Create wall art using those t-shirts you do not want to part with. This is accomplished by stapling the front of a t-shirt with a design on it into a simple frame.

8. Make window treatments with t-shirts. You can cut assorted t-shirts that your child has outgrown into twelve-inch squares and then sew those squares together to make window curtain panels.

9. Give old car seat covers new life with t-shirts. Cover the backrest section of a bucket car seat by slipping a t-shirt over it and tucking in the sleeves. The headrest part should fit through the neck hole. You may have to cut it a bit to make it fit, and then sew back the area you previously cut.

10. Use old t-shirts to make protective bags for your shoes. First, sew the arm openings and necks closed, and then insert your shoes. You will want to put visible labels on these bags as well. You can use these t-shirt bags to protect many other items as well. They are especially useful for separating items in your suitcase when traveling.

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