Ten Things That Decrease The Value Of A Home

Be sure to avoid these problems that may decrease the value of your home.

If you have ever been house-hunting, then you know that some homes are complete gems having been well-taken care of by previous owners, while other homes seem like they were hit by a tornado of dirt and grime. If you are looking into selling your home soon or simply wanting to remodel and want to maintain or increase the value of your home, here is a list of things that may actually decrease the value of your home.

* Flooring is a huge issue that can be considered to be at the forefront in terms of increasing or decreasing the value of your home. If you have hardwood floors, take proper care of them. Having scratches or dull wood can help to decrease the value of your home since potential buyers will have to come in and get them resurfaced or cleaned. The same thing goes with any other type of flooring, like carpet or linoleum. If not properly taken care of, potential buyers may ask for some type of flooring allowance to help clean or fix up the flooring when they move in, which is money out of your pocket.

* I vividly remember one home we viewed in our house search. The entire kitchen was done in a rooster theme with rooster borders glued around the entire perimeter, rooster shaped drawer pulls and cabinet knobs and rooster tiles in the kitchen back splash. I'm not knocking anybody's decorating style, but if you want some kind of eccentric theme in your home, be sure to pick a theme that does not affect permanent fixtures in your home. For example, those rooster tiles can not be simply covered; they must be removed and re-tiled to get rid of them. While cabinet and drawer pulls are not permanent, it would take an investment to replace them all, which is not what potential home-buyers want to walk into.

* Paint can be quite an expense if the entire home needs to be repainted. Sure, you may love the way fluorescent pink looks in the restrooms and burnt orange looks in the hallways, but most people want neutral colors. If you plan on selling your home, get rid of any bold colors used on the walls and get back to the neutral tones, or else your buyer may ask for a paint allowance to get rid of your eclectic tastes.

* If there are any major appliances or systems that need to be repaired to run and work efficiently, be sure to fix them immediately. Again, no buyers wants to walk into a home knowing that, while the home boasts a sprinkler system, all the heads need to be replaced and one of the water pipes has a small leak. Check all major appliances like your stove, dishwasher, central air and heat, hot water heater and furnace to be sure they are all working properly.

* The most important and expensive part of any home is the foundation, so any problems you have with that, like major cracks or crevices will certainly decrease the value of your home.

* A roof that has been neglected or a roof that needs to be re-shingled or completely re-done is definitely something that will decrease your home value.

* Many families looking for a home love the look and feel of older homes built in the 1950s or earlier. Solid wood floors and old-style buildings are trendy nowadays; however, many prospective buyers will steer clear of homes that have not had the electrical wiring re-done on an old house, so, if you have one of these, be sure to have the wiring inspected and changed, if need be, or else your home's value may decrease. Nobody wants to move into a potential fire hazard.

* Having a front or back yard that is unkempt can definitely decrease the value of your home. For example, if you have large dogs that have basically turned your lush green yard into mud and dirt, then the next person who moves in will have to sod the yard, which can be quite an expense, thereby decreasing the value of your home.

* Real estate agents talk a lot about something called "curb appeal," meaning how the house looks when you pull up to it. If your home has peeling paint or old siding, this can decrease your home's value. For one thing, many prospective buyers may not even get out of the car to see your home from the inside if the outside looks shoddy.

* Plumbing problems are an easy way to decrease your home's values. They can range anywhere from a leaky faucet to a leaky pipe. One of the worst things that can happen to a home is to leave a plumbing problem alone. This can result in mold in the home which can make a home virtually unable to be sold.

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