Ten Tips For Home Interior Decorating

Ten tips for home interior decorating. Does your house feel dull and lifeless? Give it a quick facelift in one weekend and lift your mood as well.

Freshening up your home can give you a big boost and cheer up the whole family. Remodeling is expensive and it isn't likely that you would do it just to lift your mood. Here are ten tips for sprucing up your house that you can do in just one weekend and you won't recognize the place!

1. Remove all sheets from the beds, wash them in laundry detergent specially made for baby's such as Dreft or Ivory Snow, this will have them feeling soft and smelling wonderful. After washing, hang your sheets out to dry on a clothesline or drape them over some bushes if you don't have one. There is nothing sweeter than sheets dried outdoors.

2. Flowers, flowers, flowers. Put some fresh flowers in every room of the house, even the bathroom! Flowers don't have to be expensive, you can go for a walk and pick some outside, make your own wildflower arrangement or pick up some inexpensive carnations from the supermarket. The flowers smell great and add an extra touch to every room.

3. Get a bucket of water and add a bit of wood soap like Murphy's Oil soap and clean the woodwork around your home. Baseboards, doors and moldings are usually overlooked in day to day cleaning and can really get dirty. Clean woodwork can brighten up the room considerably.

4. Take down all of your curtains, wash them and iron them with starch.

5. Put some scented candles in each room and let them burn for a few hours. Food scented candles like apple pie and vanilla give a homey smell, or choose some floral scents for a romantic feel. Experiment until you find the scent that suits you.

6. Pick up some new guest towels for the bathroom and some of those fancy soaps!

7. While you're grabbing some new guest towels, pick up a few throw rugs to place around the house, in the kitchen, by the front door or in a hallway. There are some beautiful rugs to choose from these days and they can transform an area of your home.

8. Take out the clutter. Remove any clutter from counters, tables and chairs. Just getting rid of clutter can freshen up any room and give it a crisp feeling.

9. Change your table cloths.

10. Clean the windows. You can clean your windows in one day with a bucket of water and ammonia, a squeegee and a stack of newspapers. Clean windows help your house look great inside and out.

After you've spruced up your home, be sure to invite some company over before it gets back to the way it was before!

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