Ten Uses For Coffee Filters

Coffee filters can be used for so many things around the house that you might run out and have to go to Starbucks for your coffee.

It's always good when you can find other things to use common objects for because you probably already have them lying around the house. One of those things most of us have lying around the house is a coffee filter. Sure coffee filters are great for filtering coffee but why don't we see what else we can use them for?

Coffee filters are totally lint free. This trait makes them an excellent choice for cleaning different things. You can clean your glass, mirrors, and eyeglasses with coffee filters. You can also shine up your computer monitor and your television screen with coffee filters. Works great on car windows too. If you don't like to leave behind lint when you polish your furniture try applying the polish with a coffee filter.

Coffee filters can be used for disposable snack dishes for kids. Just put some pretzels, chips, grapes, popcorn, or other small snack inside a coffee filter and you won't have to wash a dish. Coffee filters are cheaper than disposable paper bowls.

When you are eating messy things like tacos, burritos, or overloaded hot dogs try using a coffee filter. Just wrap a coffee filter around your food and you've got a holder that is much more sturdy than a paper towel and can hold your excess drippings.

Kids always make a mess when they eat a Popsicle or ice cream cone. For Popsicles just poke a hole in the center of the coffee filter and place the stick through it. The coffee filter will catch the drips and protect little hands from getting sticky. For an ice cream cone just put the cone in the center of the filter and let your child hold the cone with the filter.

Coffee filters make great strainers and they hold up to hot water. Use coffee filters to strain blueberries when your rinse them off and you won't lose any down the drain. Reuse your cooking oil by straining it through a coffee filter.

Coffee filters are great for kids' crafts. You can make paper flowers from coffee filters with petals of all different colors. Just soak your coffee filters in dishes of water and food coloring and let them dry. Cut out petal shapes from the coffee filter and glue them together in the center.

You can use coffee filters for colorful backgrounds in scrap booking. Just color your coffee filters in a dish of water and food coloring and dry. Cut your colored coffee filters into interesting shapes and glue them onto your scrapbook page as a background. You can even write on the colored coffee filters with markers.

Use coffee filters for a great shoeshine. Just apply shoe polish and buff it off with a clean coffee filter.

If you want to keep the inside of your microwave clean then try a coffee filter the next time you cook something. Place an upside down coffee filter over food and beverages and they won't splatter out onto the microwave. Toss it away when you're done!

Put a coffee filter in the bottom of your metal weave fruit basket to protect your fruit from becoming bruised by the metal. This works great for catching juices from overripe fruit as well!

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