Ten Uses For Dryer Lint

Stop throwing away that dryer lint and put it to some good use!

Dryer lint is one of those things that we all have but none of us knows what to do with. It seems a shame to throw away those perfectly clean bits of fiber. Believe it or not there are actually many things you can do with dryer lint besides tossing it into the garbage can. When saving dryer lint it is best to keep it in a fireproof container such as glass or metal because dryer lint is very flammable.

Dryer lint makes an excellent packing material. Whether you are packing something in an envelope or a box you can pad it with dryer lint. Of course you will need a large amount to pad a box so start saving that dryer lint today!

Dryer lint can be reformed into cloth! After saving up your dryer lint you can spin it much like wool into a thread. You can use this thread for weaving or you can crochet or knit it into a blanket, sweater, or scarf!

Help your neighborhood birds build their nests. Just place clumps of dryer lint out on your lawn and watch in amazement as the local birds fight over this premium nest material.

Make clay for the kids with dryer lint. To make dryer lint clay you will have to save up about three cups of packed dryer lint. Put the lint into a pan and cover it with two cups of water. Next add a cup of flour and thoroughly blend the mixture. Cook this mixture on low heat until it becomes thick like a meringue. Pour the mixture onto wax paper and wait until it is cool to the touch to play with it. The dryer lint clay creations will dry in a few days and you can paint them!

Dryer lint is highly flammable and great for starting fires. Keep dryer lint in your kindling box and you will always be able to start your fires easily.

Lint can be added to your compost pile and will disintegrate into a nutritious fertilizer as long as the fibers are natural.

Use dryer lint for kid's craft projects. You can shape dryer lint into almost anything or use it in place of cotton for things like snow men and clouds. Glue your dryer lint shapes onto construction paper. You can also use lint for things like hair and fur when you are making crafts.

Use dryer lint to protect your plants from the cold. Use dryer lint as a mulch around the base of your less hardy plants to keep them warm and moist.

Stuff your old tube socks with dryer lint and you've got yourself a great draft stopper. Place the stuffed socks on the floor in front of your door to keep out the cold air in the winter.

Dryer lint can be used to make homemade paper. Just put your dryer lint into a blender along with some old shredded paper. Soak the paper and lint with water and wait fifteen minutes. Next blend the mixture on medium speed. Pour your paper and lint mixture onto a screen and shape your paper. Press the excess water out of the paper and allow it to dry. Now you can point to your piece of homemade paper and say, "Hey! That used to be my shirt!"

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