Ten Free Ways Pamper Yourself At Home

How to treat yourself without spending any money.

1- Go for a leisurely walk with a friend in an area where you usually don't have time to stroll and see how many different trees, birds and so on, you can find. Then walk through the nursery and look at all the beautiful plants. Walk past the billboards at the movie theatre and try to make up what the movie is about.

2- Window shop downtown or at the mall but don't take your credit card. Just take enough money for a taxi or a phone call in case of an emergency.

3- Take a folding chair with you to the park and enjoy sitting by the lake. Check the schedule for the free band concerts held at the park.

4- Make arrangements with a friend to have each other over for dinner once a week or month. That way you and your friend get one day off from cooking.

5- Take your sandwich that you made at home and sit at the mall in the open eatery section where you don't have to buy anything from the stands and watch and listen to the people.

6- Go to the library and browse through the free newspapers and magazines while you sit in the reading area.

7- Check out a free video from the library or a talking book.

8- Check the newspaper for free concerts. Sometimes the churches hold free noon hour recitals. If this doesn't happen in your area then check out the time for the choir rehearsals at the local church. They usually welcome an attentive listener.

9- Go to your favourite store and play the game of pretend while you check out the new arrivals that you can't afford. Look through the pattern books at your local sewing store and see the new designs, especially the designer patterns.

10- Join a hiking group or walking group who go on local walking tours or a group who walk at the mall for exercise before the mall opens.

If you don't like any of the suggestions listed above then why not become a volunteer at an activity that you enjoy. You will make new friends and you will not have time to be bored.

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