Terry Bollea: A Hulk Hogan Bio

Terry Bollea, the legendary Hulk Hogan, learn about his life and accomplishments in this article.

In the late 1970's, Terry Bollea was playing smoky, low-key bars as part of a rock band. Who would have predicted that twenty years later he would have become possibly the most successful wrestler of all time? Even if he isn't, the man who became known as Hulk Hogan was instrumental in permanently changing the sports image.

It was Freddie Blassie who gave Hulk Hogan the break that he needed as a wrestler. In those early years as an amateur (he debuted in 1978), he was cast as one of the bad guys, something that would completely reverse in later years. Most would agree that his style was a little raw at that time, but the charismatic man obviously had what it took to succeed at the highest level.

Six years later in 1984, Hogan won his first WWF title, and had risen to prominence as a hero type, particularly popular with the kids. He defeated Iron Sheik at Madison Square Garden to capture the crown. Months earlier he had won his first major title in Japan. He was highly influential in making wrestling appeal to a mainstream audience. The catalyst for this was a fight against Roddy Piper in 1985, which ultimately became known as a prelude to the extremely popular Wrestlemania series.

Hulk Hogan was the star of the early Wrestlemanias. In its second year he routed King Kong Bundy, a match fought in a cage. A year later he beat the man many considered to be number one, and virtually indestructible, Andre the Giant. However, he was beaten in the event in 1990 by the Ultimate Warrior, and decided to take time off to concentrate on things other than wrestling.

For the next five years he threw himself into making movies such as Gremlins II, and appearing on TV. This, coupled with his flamboyant style, led him to be known as "˜Hollywood' Hogan. A cartoon series was also produced in which he was the star. Wrestling fans who thought Hulk Hogan had retired for good were in for a shock though as he returned to the ring in 1994.

In that same year he became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion by beating Ric Flair. Still idolised by his adoring fans, Hogan soon re-established himself as an all round favourite. Things changed two years later though when he, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall ganged up on Randy Savage to give him a right mauling. Even Hogan's most staunch supporters were disgusted with his behaviour. For the next two years he reverted to the bad boy image that had served him well as an amateur. His fortunes turned full circle again though, and around the turn of the century he was back to the heroic wrestler that everybody loved. Shortly afterwards he announced his retirement on the Jay Leno show.

All in all, Hulk Hogan won seven World Titles as a wrestler. The macho image he displayed at wrestling events with his 6'7", 275lb frame has not always been there. He has worked hard for charity, especially for under privileged children, which shows there is a gentler, caring side to the man.

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