Testical Problems?

Are you having testical problems? Here is an article that might que you into what may be wrong.

Self testicular exam should be done at least once a month: a man should not wait until he thinks this is a problem before he checks his testes. Before you actually touch your testes, stand in front of a mirror (unclothed) with both hands on your hips and look for anything that may be different. This exam should be done the same way each time you check your testes. Set up a routine and stick to it. Statistics show that men do not check their testes, as they should. It is documented that when a lump is found, it can double in size in a short period of time, and the cancer can spread rapidly through out your system.

· Are both the testes symmetrical?

· Swollen testes?

· Inverted testes?

· One testicular noticeable larger?

· Any discoloration, patches of brown, black or red areas?

How to do a self-testicular examination.


· Sitting in a warm tub of water relaxes the scrotum and makes the self-exam easier.

· Standing in the shower with warm water spraying on you also relaxes the scrotum and allows for a better examination.

The exam:

Starting with one testis at a time roll them between your thumb and forefinger. You are feeling for anything that is unusual or has changed since your last exam with your physician. Most men are under the misconception that if there is not pain there is not problem. Cancer of the testes does not mean there will be pain associated with it. At this point you are checking for any lumps, bumps, swelling or engorged areas. You will also check above and beneath the testicular in the same manner. Do not be alarmed if you find a lump it can mean many different things such as an infected gland, or tube. Have the abnormality checked by your physician as soon as possible.

Repeat all of the above on the other testicular as well. The best time to know what your testicular should feel like is to do an exam after you have been examined by a physician and told that your testicular exam was fine. This gives you a guide to go by for your self-testicular exams. This is very beneficial for a man who has abnormal testes so he will be able to tell the difference between the normal "lumps and bumps" to something new or different that was not present on the last exam.

If you find a lump, do not wait to make a doctor appointment. You may feel frightened and upset. Waiting only increases that anxiety and fears. Call your physician to make the appointment.

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