Thanksgiving: Fun Ideas For Name Holders

Having a large group over for your Thanksgiving feast? Add a personalized feel to your table with these easy to make name holders or place cards.

Thanksgiving: Fun Ideas for Name Holders

When Thanksgiving rolls around this year, you will have the menu to plan, the ingredients to purchase, the house to decorate and the table to set. Since you will be having family over and maybe even some close friends, a special touch to a Thanksgiving table would be name holders or place cards so your guests can know exactly where to sit. Of course, you can go out and buy some pricey name holders or place cards from a crafts store, but why pay all that money when you can make something yourself that looks so much better and that is completely personalized?

Autumn has arrived and winter is about to start, so if you look around your backyard, chances are you have many beautiful Autumn leaves scattered everywhere. Instead of simply raking them up, pick out a few large and gorgeous orange or golden leaves. You will want to choose the leaves that are not torn and that have their stem still attached. If you do not have any leaves in your backyard, look around while running errands or going for walks. Your local park may have a great selection of beautiful Fall leaves for you to choose from. When transporting or storing the leaves before using them, place the leaf between two paper towels and then place it underneath a heavy book. This will help dry out the leaf and help maintain its shape. At a crafts store, buy a few sheets of Autumn-inspired thin paper that matches the leaf color itself. On this paper, you can either print the names of your guests with a printer or write out the guests' names with a calligraphy pen. Once you have all the names printed or written, cut out the names from the paper and use glue or adhesive to paste the names onto individual leaves. Simply place these leaf place cards on the plate itself or leaning up against a Thanksgiving centerpiece, in front of the chair which that person will sit in.

If you live in an area where there are pine cones sitting underneath the trees, gather some up (enough to have one per guest). Placing them on newspaper in a well-ventilated area, spray paint them with gold paint (you can even use gold glitter paint to add some sparkle). Meanwhile, purchase some gold-colored card stock at a crafts store and print out the names of your guests (using a printer) or write the names of your guests with a calligraphy pen on the gold card stock. Cut out the names in a rectangular shape and using a glue gun, glue them to the tops of the pine cones so they are facing forward. Before gluing them onto the pine cones, however, you can decorate the place cards with a border of glitter or perhaps a border of gold ribbon or raffia.

A wonderful and simple idea for a place card would be to buy some Autumn-inspired card stock. Gather up small pictures of the friends and family members who will be attending your Thanksgiving feast. Cut out a rectangular shape from the card stock and bend it in half, to create a "V" shape so that the place card will stand on its own on the dinner table. Paste the picture of your guest on the right hand side of the place card and create a beautiful border around the picture, using a thin or tubular gold ribbon. On the left side, you can draw or paste a picture of a Thanksgiving item like a pilgrim hat, a turkey or a cornucopia.

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