Thanksgiving: Ideas For Creative Placemats

Need some inspiration for making your own Thanksgiving placemats? Use some of these ideas.

When you have volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner at your home, there are so many things to fuss over: the menu, the centerpiece, the drinks and the seating to name a few. One thing many people may overlook are the placemats, especially if you are putting out a nice tablecloth that you do not wish to get dirty or ruined. Placemats make cleanup so easy, since they will pick up all the stray crumbs and spills that are sure to happen during a huge Thanksgiving feast. You do not necessarily have to rush out to go buy placemats. Why not make your own inexpensive and creative placemats to impress your family and friends during the next Thanksgiving dinner?

Go out on a nature walk through your neighborhood or local park with your family and have them pick up nice and colorful Autumn leaves. Once you get home, tear off two equal pieces of wax paper (both the size of the placemats you wish to put out). Lay one piece of wax paper flat on an ironing board. Arrange the different leaves on the wax paper in a nice pattern. Once you have your leaves arranged the way you want, cover the arrangement with the second piece of wax paper, lining up the edges of the two pieces of wax paper as best as you can. With your iron, lightly iron the wax paper. This will seal it with the wax paper underneath, creating your first placemat with the leaves sealed between the two sheets. Once the wax papers have fused together, you can trim the edges for a cleaner look.

If you want to get your children involved with the Thanksgiving planning or need a project to keep them busy as you prepare the menu for the big day, arm your children with construction paper in Autumn colors like yellow, orange and red. One 8 ½ by 11 inch paper will serve as the placemat. They can decorate the paper with anything they like from markers to crayons to other pieces of construction paper. When they are done with their creations, allow them to dry and then stick a piece of contact paper or clear sticky paper on top. Cut off the excess around the edges and you have yourself a spill-proof placemat.

Get two old plain white pillowcases from your own linen closet and cut into four equal pieces (to make four placemats). Use can hem and iron the edges for a more professional look or cut the pieces out with decorative scissors for a more rustic look. You can use fabric paints on the pillowcases and paint Autumn designs on the front, or you can glue different craft accessories to the borders, like sprigs of leaves or natural-colored raffia.

For a truly inexpensive placemat, buy different colored pieces of felt from a crafts store. Choose one felt color for your placemat and then design a Thanksgiving-themed picture for the placemat. For example, you can find many designs online for turkeys, pilgrim hats or cornucopias. Using the different colored felt pieces, design the picture on the felt placemat, using a glue gun to stick the different pieces together.

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