Thanksgiving Table Decorations

Making a beautiful Thanksgiving table is easier than you might think. Here are several ideas to add spice to your Thanksgiving decorations.

When most people think of Thanksgiving, they think of turkeys and pilgrims. But there is no need to limit yourself to traditional Turkey Day themes when it comes to decorating your Thanksgiving table.

First of all, Thanksgiving is not only a celebration of the pilgrims, it is also a celebration of the beauty of fall. Fall leaves, both artificial and real, make beautiful table decorations. Splashes of yellow, red and orange will brighten any table. You can use them in a grouping, such as your centerpiece, or placed sporadically around the table as if they have just fallen from the tree. You can even make place mats from them by using your glue gun to stick them to a plastic place mat.

For your centerpiece, fill a hurricane candle holder with brightly colored fall leaves and pine cones. Do not, however, add a candle to this decoration since the leaves might create a fire hazard.

Pumpkins also make great Thanksgiving decorations. Let small children make turkeys out of a pumpkin by gluing large feathers on it for the tail, and making a face and head with construction paper and gluing onto the pumpkin.

Fresh cranberries also make a beautiful addition to your table. Use a serving platter or decorative plate and place a large, pillar candle in the center. Spread cranberries around the base of the candle. Small pine cones are also a beautiful addition to this centerpiece.

If you are having a less formal Thanksgiving dinner, why not let your children help decorate. Use white butcher's paper for the tablecloth and let the young ones decorate it with turkeys and pilgrims. They can glue on feathers and leaves to add to the design. This will be a keepsake you treasure for many years to come and allows the children to become a part of the tradition.

When decorating your Thanksgiving table, it is important to remember not to limit yourself to store-bought decorations. Nature provides many beautiful decorating ideas, from leaves to pine cones, even sticks and branches can be used to make centerpieces. And the best part about decorating with things you find outside is the cost -- free.

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