Are There Any Budgeting Software Programs You Can Recommend?

Are there any budgeting software programs you can recommend? You should be able to set up a budget very easily using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. You could set it up very easily on an [Microsoft] Excel...

You could set it up very easily on an [Microsoft] Excel spreadsheet just by going through your check book for the last few months and looking at what your expenditures were and looking at your pay check and seeing what your take home pay is. I am sure there is personal finance software out there, but I just have not used it. I definitely think both a husband and wife should be involved. Usually, it's the case where one is the leader and not necessarily the man. A lot of times it is the woman who takes control of the finances in the house which is fine, but both should be involved, otherwise you have one person doing it all but the other person doesn't abide into it.

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