Are There Any Cons To Homeschooling?

Homeschooling cons can be managed instead of accepted as signs of defeat and turned into victories.

When searching for information on homeschooling, it is very easy to find information on all of the positive aspects of homeschooling. At the same time, it is extremely difficult to find any negatives. This list is not meant to scare you and prevent you from homeschooling, but to offer you real life cons to homeschooling your children.

* Burn out: Parents who takes on the responsibility of instructing the children can literally wear themselves out. This happens by not taking time alone for you, and assigning yourself a full time job that has no beginning and end. To prevent homeschool burn out, schedule regular vacations and holidays from homeschooling. Also, take some time to go out alone and re-energize yourself.

* Adult social isolation: lack of child socialization is the biggest myth in the argument against homeschooling, but it has a modicum of truth attached to it. It is the adult in the homeschool relationship that can become isolated. Having no one emotionally support his or her decision to homeschool can be very lonely and difficult. To prevent such isolation, join a homeschool support group.

* Financial burden: In order to homeschool, it is very likely that one parent will give up their ability to add money to the family budget. A parent my leave a high paying job, or put their home business to the side in order to homeschool their children. Remember that your kids will be children only for a season. Once they are out of the house, you can go back to your work and start saving for retirement. At the same time, you can simplify your life requiring a smaller income. You can also find creative ways to continue to make passive or part time income from home. In addition, homeschool curriculums can very expensive. This does however balance out, as you will not have to pay the hidden costs associated with pubic schools.

* Loss of public services: If your child has special needs, you may not be able to access them for free through the public school systems without giving up your right to homeschool. You will also have to find other options for sports and other enrichment programs. Look to your local community centers and churches for other options.

* Possible legal consequences: Many parents over the years have found themselves in legal situations where their right to homeschool has been challenged. As you homeschool your children, keep documentation that shows your child is progressing in their home situation, even if your state does not require it. Also be aware of who you complain about homeschooling stresses to. Most often, a family member or friend will cause a legal situation to escalate.

* Full-time commitment: Homeschooling is not a part time job. There have been single parents who have been able to both work and homeschool successfully. However, in order to do it well, you need a strong support system.

* Personal sacrifice: To homeschool, you will have to give up things that bring you joy. You can only fit so many activities into a block of time. Do not try to find personal fulfillment in homeschooling, although such fulfillment can be found. Basing your personal fulfillment through homeschooling will only put pressure on yourself and your children. Save your personal goals for a later date when you are no longer homeschooling.

* Responsibility: You alone are responsible for all aspects of your child's upbringing. There is no one to blame but you if your child does not learn or if your child ends up dysfunctional. Therefore, you must model what you want your child to become. This will be difficult, but you must always be on your best behavior, because if you are not, your child will pick up your worst habits and traits. Remember, they are watching no one but you for their examples of adulthood.

* It can get messy: Having kids home all the time means having a messy home all the time. It will be difficult to find time to clean. You will need to get used to having a less than perfect home between the "home-economic" classes, and the science experiments.

While there are many cons to homeschooling your children, you may have noticed from the list that they are more like challenges than warnings of doom. Homeschooling cons can be managed instead of accepted as signs of defeat and turned into victories.

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