Are There Any Laws That Govern Autograph Collecting?

Are there any laws that govern autograph collecting? The law now requires that autographs be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to avoid fraud and jail. Yes, but all of them are pretty useless....

Yes, but all of them are pretty useless. The government has done more now than ever before by coming out with a law that says if you are going to sell an autograph, you have to have a certificate of authenticity. The problem is that people only think this means a signature is authentic. It's actually just a document that says something is authentic, and if it's not, the seller can go to jail. In early 2000, the FBI closed down a forgery ring with $10 million worth of sports and entertainment autographs. Each had a fraudulent certificate of authenticity, so they were sentenced to many years in jail. Frauds are dangerous, especially if someone unknowingly sells one on E-bay. The public has to be very careful.

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