Is There A Natural Way To Strip Hair Color?

Tips and advice for how to safely remove the harsh chemicals from hair color shortly after having the color applied.

When adding color to your hair, professionally at a salon, or at home, you are taking a huge risk of not liking the color and also of doing more damage to the health of your hair.Even professional hair-colorists cannot guarantee that the shade of color you want will come out as you imagine. It's much more likely to happen if you are doing it yourself (or having a friend apply the color) at home, and are inexperienced.If you've had your hair dyed professionally and do not like it, it is not such a good idea to return to the person who colored it initially.Instead, call around to different salons and inquire about what can be done to fix the color in the most natural way possible.

If you decide to let a professional try to remove the unwanted color, they will apply a color remover which will not take all of the color out. Initially, it will only fade it slightly. This process might damage your hair even further and create a brassy look, resulting in having to dye it yet again.You can buy over-the-counter color removers at beauty supply stores, but it is probably best left to the professionals, especially if you are not quite sure of how to use them.The good news is that if you've used a semi-permanent hair color, the color will eventually wash out with regular shampooing.However, if you've used a permanent hair color or a product with bleach in it, it's best to go to a professional to strip, or fade, the color as much as possible.

When deciding to try to remove the color yourself, here are some "natural" tips for removing, or fading, unwanted and undesired hair color:

§ When shampooing your hair, be sure to use hot water; it will speed up the process of hair color loss.By doing this, the cuticles of the hair will be opened, allowing color to be released.

§ Applying hot extra virgin olive oil, or store-bought hot oil treatments will help to strip the color treatment, because of the high acidic ingredients.

§ Use shampoos like Prell or an intense volumizing, clarifying or oil-reducing shampoo, which will eventually fade the hair color.

§ Wash your hair with liquid dish detergent, like Dawn, to fade the color.However, it is very important to use a good, deep conditioner every time after washing with harsh detergents like these.

After a bad hair-coloring, it is important to try to remove it as soon as possible.The sooner it is stripped the better, as the color will set in as time goes on.It becomes practically impossible to strip the color if you've used a permanent color after just a few days of coloring. The safest, non-damaging way to get rid of unwanted color, is to simply let your hair grow out, or to subtly disguise the color in ways like getting a hair cut or styling your hair in a ponytail, barrettes, or wearing a hat (if at all feasible).

When deciding to strip the hair color from your hair, keep in mind that the procedures used, professionally or naturally, will be doing a lot of damage to already damaged hair. The color is not guaranteed to be totally removed from your hair, especially if it is a dark, permanent color.The suggestions that are provided here might help to fade the color, but is not guaranteed in any way.Unfortunately, sometimes trying to reverse hair-color may even make the problem worse.Bottom line:see a professional.

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