Are There Any Nutrients Missing In Breast Milk?

Are there any nutrients missing in breast milk? Although breastmilk is light in vitamin D and iron, the amount that it does provide is considered perfect for a new baby. Vitamin D is not as prolific in breast...

Vitamin D is not as prolific in breast milk, but also iron. Breast milk is very low in iron. We know that breast milk is very low iron, but the iron that it does have is very absorbable for the baby. Iron fortified infant formula or replacement formulas have tons and tons of iron in them, but they are not as easily absorbed by the baby and can cause severe constipation or gastrointestinal problems. So, while breast milk is very low in iron, it's the right amount of iron in relation to other critical nutrients so the baby actually better absorbs that. Babies do need vitamin D. Exposure to sun actually gives the baby all of the vitamin D that it needs. Breast milk is pretty perfect in all of the vitamins and minerals and critical hormones that it gives to the baby. As long as the mother has normal exposure to sun, not excessive and not too little sun exposure, she is going to be fine.

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