Things to do in boston for kids

Boston is a histroical and educational mecca for all ages. Your kids are sure to love all the exciting attractions here.

Not only is Boston the heart of Massachusetts, but it is also the heart of New England. People from all over travel to Boston to see what exactly the city has to offer. Boston's Beacon Hill is a beautiful scenic walk through the streets where history was once made. The Brownstone houses and alleys in between are some of the most photographed scenes in the city. There are parks and gardens throughout the city, each with their own stories. There are museums for people of all ages with all different interests. There are plenty of malls and stores to shop in and restaurants to eat in. The restaurants in Boston are top-notch and offer everything one could imagine. Boston is the kind of city that everyone has to visit at least once in their life.

Boston sports fans are known as some of the most die hard fans around. Boston sports events are not only the entertaining for a boy's night out, but they are fun for the whole family. Beginning in April and going until October, the Boston Red Sox play at the historical Fenway Park. Although the tickets are a little pricey, the games are definitely worth it. Red Sox fans are a different breed of sports fans, and seeing the Red Sox play in their hometown is something everyone who comes to Boston has to experience. In between innings and after the games there are special activities that take place that gear towards children such as pitching or batting practice with some of the players or fun games with the mascot, the green monster. If Fenway is a little too rowdy for you or you are secretly a Yankees fan, then the Celtics and the Bruins play at the recently renamed BankNorth Garden in downtown Boston. The games normally don't sell out like Red Sox games, and the tickets are more reasonable. Also, the colleges and universities in Boston such as Harvard University, Boston College, and Boston University have games such as hockey, basketball, and football that are open to the public.

If sports events are not your thing, then there are different tours that go through Boston giving you the history of the city. Most famously is the Boston Duck Tour that takes visitors through the city, offering different insight into the more popular places and historical events. To end the tour, the bus/boat actually goes into the pond in the Boston Public Garden where the story Make Way for Ducklings takes place. There are also trolley tours that take visitors around the city with a tour guide pointing out fun and historical facts about Boston, if ending a tour in water is not your thing.

Boston is filled with museums throughout the city such as the Children's museum, the Science museum, JFK library, the Boston tea Party Ship museum, many art museums including the Museum of Fine Arts, history museums, and several more. There is certainly something for everyone to explore in Boston. There is also the New England Aquarium that attracts people of all ages. The aquarium offers different shows throughout the day such as penguin feeding or dolphin tricks. It is always a fun visit for the whole family. There are also several parks in Boston that attract people, such as the Boston Common, the Public Gardens, and the Franklin Park Zoo.

The theater district in Boston offers shows, musicals, ballets, plays and other theatrical events years round. There are over ten different playhouses in the district such as the Charles playhouse and the Wang Center, to name a few. There are always shows in town that cater to children of all different ages.

The history of Boston can be seen through the eyes of each visitor. Some of the more popular sites for this to happen are the Freedom Trail where people follow a path through the city for three miles that takes them to different historical sites of Boston during the Revolutionary War. Other famous historical places are the Boston massacre site, the New England Holocaust Memorial, Paul Revere's house, and the state house, to name a few.

The things to do in Boston are limitless. Children can have fun and learn parts of history at the same time. It is a parent's dream come true! Parents will not be bored doing these things with their children either; the city has too much to offer. So come on down or up or over and enjoy one the America's greatest cities. See for yourself what everyone is talking about!

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