Things To Do In Johannesburg South Africa

Activites to do, as well as places to see in Johannesburg (Gauteng), South Africa. What to avoid as well as what you must see to make it the perfect holiday.

You cannot say you have truly been in Africa until you have experienced the sudden nightfall's, beatific sunsets or crashing thunderstorms of the highveld. It is as if the weather does not understand that Africa is no longer wild territory and is still trying to tame it by beating it into submission. A thunderstorm in Johannesburg or Gauteng as it is now called, is something to experience, and will only take place in the summer months (December, January and February). However should the weather not co-operate there is still a plethora of activities to keep you busy as well as a number of must-sees and must-do's.

The Africana Museum in central Johannesburg (Market street), is a wondrous place filled with history. You can browse among the exhibits seeing traditional Zulu huts as well as a Sangoma or Witch doctor. For a taste of conventional South African Theatre an evening at the Market Theatre next door to the museum is a definite on the "˜must-do' list. Talent is the watchword here and for an unforgettable theatre experience visit this amazing playhouse in central Johannesburg. A Beer making museum shares this venue and is modeled on the Heineken Brewery in Amsterdam. Another museum worth a visit is the James Hall Memorial Transport Museum (Rosettenville), which houses various forms of transport dating back to the early 1800's complete with the first cars, fire engines- a horse drawn carriage, and trains. Santarama Miniland is just round the block and features a mini version of Gauteng, a fascinating place especially if you have small children.

For the more adventurous among you, forget the Big 5 and visit Hillbrow. But beware: This is a very dangerous part of South Africa and do not go in unless accompanied by a member of the South African Police Service (SAPS). Muggings, murders, shootings, rape, and theft are rife. As a South African myself living in the country, I wouldn't set foot there, not even with a police escort! However should you wish to view lions in their natural habitat then don't miss the Lion Park just outside Johannesburg. A variety of animals from zebra to lion cubs are available to view. Heia Safari also has a number of wild animals that are free to roam the premises so don't be surprised if a giraffe sidles up for a chat while you sip your Gin and Tonic under the thatch umbrellas.

The Botanical Gardens (Emmarentia) has got to be one of the most beautiful sights in South Africa in the spring and summer months. A fantastical Rose garden is a most astounding sight to behold.

In the south of Gauteng (Ormonde) one can visit a town of yesteryear complete with mining gears, rides for children and a chapel that can be used for weddings. Gold Reef City attracts thousands of visitors annually, and is one of the more popular attractions in South Africa. The South African Mint, situated in Olifantsfontein has open days for the public, allowing the opportunity to view ancient coins as well as purchase and watch money being made!

You cannot possibly leave Africa without some African -art. For the shopper in you visit the Bruma Lake Flea Market, Rosebank Flea Market (on a Sunday only), or the William Nicole Drive. Handmade and inexpensive gifts and ornaments can be picked up very reasonably. For many of the sellers this is their only income and they can send up to two weeks working on one item to sell. Compare prices and haggle haggle haggle!

Kyalami South Africa boasts the only Lippizzaner School outside of Vienna Austria. See these dancing horses perform their majestic movements to music.

Should a good party be what you are after then be sure to visit the art Mecca of Johannesburg, Melville. With coffee shops, pizzeria's, fashionable side walk café's this is the place to go for a good party, good conversations and good food no matter what the time of day or night. Pretty much like a microcosm of the larger South African picture really.

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