Things to do for kids in baltimore, maryland

Fun and educational attractions in Baltimore for kids.

Baltimore is an interesting and fun town for adults, families, and children. Children are often on the wrong end of a budget when it comes to planned activities and programs of interest. Please take the following ideas and suggestions into consideration when visiting downtown and the nearby Baltimore area.

The Orioles play baseball at Camden Yards stadium, and the team displays their home game schedule throughout the city in the media and on-line. Find a special game day or night that appeals to the young ones in your family. It might be a giveaway or kid friendly game with special snack items, free t-shirts, and even family discounts. The stadium is easy to get to via car, train, and by foot. Various park and ride destinations surrounding the Baltimore vicinity offer transportation instead of parking in the city. These areas are identified on major highways and local maps on paper and the internet.

ESPNZone and Hard Rock Cafe downtown by the inner harbor area provide numerous opportunities for various aged children. These entertainment and food complexes are available throughout the day and into the night promoting seasonal and trend setting activities. Hard Rock Cafe offers many venues for local bands to perform regularly while enjoying a nice meal. The restaurant contains many signed and donated actual pieces of musical paraphernalia owned and used by world class musicians. Kids who listen to music religiously on the radio, MP3 players, and burn CD's are intrigued by current and former musicians and songwriters who share intimate pieces of their life with the fans. On the other hand, the ESPNZone is a sports lover's dream with stereo wingback chairs in stadium seating for watching any game or competition imaginable on a wall of numerous televisions. That's on the first level. The 2nd and 3rd floors contain high-tech and unmatched interactive gaming systems like a mini basketball court, a climbing wall that spans the middle of two floors, and even a skiing event inside. The entire building is filled with any sport related video enhanced gizmo or gadget to keep your kids interested and active for many hours. Another positive draw for parents of older children is that while the kids are making their way through each game upstairs, you can relax and have some adult fun downstairs with a sports bar and comfortable seating areas.

The Baltimore Aquarium is a highlight of several kid groups, field trips, and family outings in the downtown area as well. Admission is based on the time of arrival (day vs. after 5pm), membership of site, and season of visit. There are also special occasion and discount rates for children, seniors, and internet usage. Utilize local media and the website for the best time to visit. There are many experiences within the aquarium that interest children and families. I always enjoy the walk-thru that leads to the Amazon rain forest area, which is open and free roaming to birds and other animals native to the environment. You can either by-pass it or continue through without any harm from small lizards or birds that are out of the way and won't bother you. The center of the building is a great glass aquarium that seems to revolve as you walk near it. The fish are in a circular tank that is viewed on the opposite side eventually. It takes from one to two hours for the visit in the main building depending on other foot traffic. Every few months a new theme is also represented by marine life in a special section. Finally, don't forget about the dolphin show, which runs several times throughout the day. It's your choice to see the dolphins first, after the walk-thru, or on a separate day.

Try to get outside the city with a vast array of outdoor recreational parks that provide exercise and usually free activities for families. The kids will love to get out into nature, see animals, play frisbee, or fly kites in open fields. Some parks provide trails with maps for exploring and others may be near a water source for jet skis and boating. Most parks also are equipped with camping facilities and grills for overnight stays or just a picnic on a sunny day. If your kids need plenty of fun-filled ideas for outdoor recreation make a scavenger hunt for wildlife, dress the part with camouflage clothing or a fishing vest, or bring sporting equipment for baseball and soccer practice. Again, feel free to look on the internet about state and U.S. parks, buy a Maryland state park map, or visit a local automobile association or travel center for more detailed information.

Going on a trip or having a special day with your kids is an excellent way to bond. Whatever the reasons for visiting the great city of Baltimore, I hope that the experience will encourage you to come back over and over again. Each time you drive into the city, have a map handy, and then drive out of the city on a different road (major vs. local). That's the best way to find something new that you never found before. Have fun with your kids and don't forget to ask what they want to do.

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