Things To Do For Kids And Children In Lake Tahoe

What tourists can expect to see and do in Lake Tahoe. A city for tourists of all ages with a multitude of activities available.

When visiting Lake Tahoe visitors can expect to be treated with hospitality and an endless supply of things to do. The locals that call Tahoe home can give you an expert opinion on just about any type of activity that you are seeking. People of all ages enjoy this tourist town as it offers something for everyone regardless of age. The only problem that you may find while visiting Tahoe is not having enough time to do it all. Sightseeing is a must as there is something beautiful or interesting to see all year long. Children of all ages will love catching the views from the Tahoe Flyer. This hot air balloon can be reserved through Carson Valley flights and should be high on your list of things to do as you cannot get a view of the valley as breathtakingly as this one. If you like aerial tours then an airplane ride that offers scenic views of the valley may be what you are looking for. Emerald Bay Aviation rents aircraft for tours and is a favorite of kids. Another favorite is the Borges family carriage ride. These personal tours offer plenty of fun and even more nostalgia. Children and adults can learn about important geographical points of interest.

One of the most beautiful homes on Lake Tahoe is the Ehrman Mansion and it is brimming with historical facts. The mansion is also a museum and has many stories to tell dating back from the turn of the century. Along with the mansion you can enjoy the Sugar Pine Point State Park. It is open from July to September. Tours are the best way to experience Tahoe and there are many of them in the area. There is too much of the lake to see and a shuttle bus with a tour guide is the best way to learn about each and every detail of Lake Tahoe. One of the best shuttle bus tours is the Lake Tahoe Demo Tours. Many people come to Tahoe for its quiet serenity, but children are looking for activities to do. Skiing, hiking, horse back riding, scuba diving, kayaking and hay rides only barely covers what this city has to offer. Many people rent boats and water skis as the lake is too enticing to pass up. Fishing is another favorite activity for visitors. There are plenty of fishing charters and they can lead tourists to the best spots in the area.

Outdoor enthusiasts can bicycle around the lake. There are many bicycle trails for bike riders and plenty of maintained camping sites for overnight outdoor enjoyment. Cabins are very popular and they are rented quickly. Many cabins can sleep up to10 people and are usually rented by the week. Lake Tahoe sits on the border of California and Nevada and towns are scattered completely around the lake. The towns almost seem to run together and each one is just as enjoyable as the other. Just a small drive around the lake will take you to Incline Village. This is a must see for anyone visiting Tahoe. The main attraction here is the famous Ponderosa Ranch. This is the original Cartwright home that was viewed by millions of fans. The Bonanza with its famous burning map in each episode is still shown in video clips at the ranch. There are also western shops, horse carriages, antiques and vintage cars. There is also a stunt show put on by wild west cowboys and children can pan for gold. A wagon ride is offered during the summer months that lead you to a cowboy breakfast.

Children of all ages will love the enchanted Vikingsholm Castle and Fannette Island. The castle sits on Emerald Bay and can be found by following a trail of magnificent trees. Fannette Island is the only island in Lake Tahoe. Visitors can enjoy the 150-foot wall of granite that rises above the water. Tahoe also offers an amusement park. The park itself is free, but children must purchase tickets to ride. A favorite of children is the paratrooper, roller coaster and miniature train. One of the most thrilling sites to see is the Ms. Dixie II flowing across the lake in all of her beauty. This paddle boat offers cruises to anybody wanting to sample her splendor. Zephyr Cove resort is a popular spot to visit in Tahoe and if the Ms. Dixie doesn't satisfy your senses then sailing aboard the Woodwind II catamaran might just do it. This sailboat accommodates up to 50 people and is a favorite for people of all ages. Many children love to catch the sites on horseback and the Cascade Stables or the Zephyr Cove Stables offers this particular activity to anyone up for the challenge. The sites at Tahoe are overwhelming as it brings out the kid in all of us. It is breathtaking and the lake is one of the most beautiful in the world. A drive around the lake is a must as there are many spots designated just for the purpose of viewing and taking pictures of this beautiful crystal clear blue lake. The name Tahoe, which means big water, was named by its first visitors, the Native Americans. The South Lake Tahoe Chamber of Commerce is the best place to start when visiting the area. It is worth visiting what has been called a masterpiece of nature by millions of tourists as nothing more beautiful has come from the rising and falling of land due to the shifting of the fault lines.

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