Things To Do For Kids And Children In St. Paul

St. Paul, Minnesota's capitol and the quieter, smaller half of the Twin Cities holds a wealth of history, culture, and excitement for young and old.

Minneapolis and St. Paul generally thought of as being one city by many are actually two separate cities. St. Paul resting next to the Mississippi River is a bustling city growing constantly. The Twin City area offers many sporting events for the family. The area is home to these fine sports teams:

1. Minnesota Wild is a NHL hockey team that plays in downtown St. Paul.

2. Minnesota Twins is a MLB baseball team and world champions for two years.

3.Minnesota Timberwolves is a NBA basketball team.

4. Minnesota Vikings is a NFL football team.

5. Minnesota Lynx is a WNBA basketball team.

6. Saint Paul Saints is a minor league baseball team.

Como-Harriet Streetcar Line gives each visitor a glimpse into the past. Three fully restored streetcars, No. 265 and No. 1300 built in St. Paul and No. 322 is a later model car and from the twin cities area also. The streetcar line is operated by the Minnesota Transportation Museum.

Como Park Zoo in St. Paul is a wonderful attraction open every day of the year and no admission fee is charged. They do ask for a very small donation. There are many food carts, the Zobota Café, a gift shop, classrooms, and an auditorium. Some of the wildlife at the Como Park Zoo are - an African Crowned Crane, an African Lion, Amazon Parrot, Black-footed Penguin, California Sea Lion, Cougar, Flamingo, Kodiak Bear, Seals, Gorillas, Orangutans, Polar Bears, Tigers, and Zebras.

The Gibbs Farm Museum established in 1849 remained a home and working farm for nearly 100 years. The original farmhouse, barns, and a one-room schoolhouse still exists on the property. You can experience farm life from years gone by through era-costumed guides and live farm animals. You can also visit the area and see partial remains of the original sod house built on the property.

The Mall of America is the United States largest mega mall. It features the largest indoor theme park in the United States. The mega mall sits on seven-acres boasting over 24 rides, carnival and arcade games, and concessions. Some of the rides include the Log Chute, which is a wild ride along the river going up and down climaxing at the bottom of a nearly straight drop into a pool of water sure to get even the care fullest rider wet. The Mighty Axe awaits your bravery as it soars into the air causing many screams of delight and fear. The Ripsaw Roller Coaster is a must ride and so is the one-of-a-king Timberland Twister. This coaster is new to the mega mall and is a spinning coaster. Rides that do not cause such fear and trembling is the gigantic Ferris wheel, the Screaming Eagle, a kiddies coaster, mini trucks, carousel, and a train. In addition to all this, there is Camp Snoopy. The whole Peanuts gang, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Sally, and Lucy await your kids at Camp Snoopy. Also found in this wonderland of amusement is Lego Land. Here your child can build a Lego soapbox derby car and race it down the track or just sit for hours and play with thousands of legos. Finally yet importantly is Underwater Adventures also located in the mega mall. Over 3,000 freshwater and saltwater fish live in this giant aquarium. As you walk through this water wonderland, you will see stingrays, sea turtles, sea horses, moray eels, over 60 sharks, an alligator snapping turtle, a puffer fish, and a giant Pacific Ocean octopus.

Minnesota Children's Museum offers educational, hands-on exhibits, a sing-along and story telling. The museum is deigned with children in mind catering to children from four months of age to 10 years of age (and of course for all those adults that have to come with the kids). Some of the activities the kids can do is create a thunderstorm, crawl the a giant ant hill, watch singers, jugglers, and dancers all while playing, learning, and loving every minute of this wonderful museum.

Science Museum of Minnesota located in St. Paul on the banks of the Mississippi River turns science and research into an interactive experience. The museum uses live theater to help explain much of its exhibits.

The Twin City Model Railroad of St. Paul features a large O-scale railroad display. The display is like a miniature city as the various trains (The Black Hawk, North Coast Limited, Twin Cities Hiawatha, and the original "˜400') chug along the rails.

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