Do You Think Yoga Is Good For Children?

Do you think yoga is good for children? Yoga expert Scott Blossom discusses yoga's benefits for children. Yes, definitely - especially when it's taught in a way that's appropriate. Children don't need to...

Yes, definitely - especially when it's taught in a way that's appropriate. Children don't need to know the technical details. Children's yoga classes are very imaginative and very creative. I have a five-year-old daughter who goes to yoga and she talks a lot about animals and being like a certain animal. The kids really get into being a frog, being a bird; they enjoy being creative with their bodies. When they grow up knowing how to have fun with their bodies and the time comes for them to face issues of sexuality as young adults, they are going to have a lot more of the perspective on what pleasure is. It's very unhealthy for little kids and young adults to have a limited view of what pleasure is. Pleasure is usually defined as a sexual term, whereas when you start learning to do yoga you gain this perspective that the body is really fun. There are lots of ways to create sensual pleasure that don't have an erotic quality to them and I think that's really important because it makes us less likely to believe that sex is the greatest thing we can experience. I think that the perspective yoga teaches makes it less likely that young adults will fall into dangerous sexual habits. It teaches them how to balance themselves. It also strengthens all of their muscles and they are able to tone and strengthen the body in a uniform way. When you run or play sports, there are certain muscle groups that get worked a lot and certain muscle groups that don't get worked very much, depending on the sport. Gymnastics and martial arts are some of the exceptions in that they generally work the body in a fairly uniform way. Yoga also helps them to learn to move in a way that is in harmony with gravity and that's huge, because if you are not standing in harmony with gravity essentially you will develop imbalanced posture and have pain at some point - it may take 20 years, but it comes.

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