What Is Thread Count In Sheets, And Why Is It Important?

What is thread count in sheets, and why is it important? High thread count sheets increase the enjoyment and durability of your sheets. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric....

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. One set of threads go one way, and the other set of threads go in the opposite direction. They are woven through the material. The reason the thread count is important is because of durability and comfort. The higher the thread count, the denser the weaves will be. This makes the final sheet more durable and softer. When you get into a really high thread count, your sheets are just silky soft. They will feel really wonderful. A high thread count would be in the range of 250 and above. The 180 thread count is still in many ways the work horse of the industry. This is your generic cotton sheet. Now, many of our thread counts of course are 250 or 300. We have some sheets that range in the 600 thread count. If you would like, you can have sheets that have over a 1000 thread count.

The cost of high thread count sheets will depend on the retailer. However, they are not all that expensive. I urge people to watch retailers that place total emphasis on thread count. It is not all about thread count. Thread count is very important. I certainly think you want the thread count of at least 250, 300, or 350. These are the really good thread counts. However, it's also about fibers. The fibers that are in the sheets and the finishes are extremely important. Martex strongly believes in the emphasis of premium fibers. By this, I mean excellent extra long staple cotton sheets, such as the Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, or Supima cotton. Supima is a form of Pima cotton. It is above Pima. Pima cotton is raised primarily in the United States in the southwest. Supima is that part of Pima, which is really, really good. It also carries the registered trademark of the Supima Growers Association. These are fibers that have durability and softness. They feel soft to the touch. So Martex is very, very strong on the use of premium fibers. We're also known for our innovative finishes on sheets. Certain sheets are finished in a way that the finishes themselves have a silkiness and softness in their appearance.

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