How To Throw A Great Kids' Theme Party

Here is great theme party idea for kids and also it will give you that quality time with your child!

Every kid wants a terrific birthday party. A birthday party doesn't have to be extravagant or at a special restaurant to be fantastic. You can have an incredible, creative birthday party in your own home without spending an arm and a leg.

The first thing to keep in mind is obviously the child. You need to pay close attention to your child's favorite things and include them, as much as possible, in the planning of their party. The only thing more exciting than the prospect of a party, is having a say in the party's preparation""even for very young children.

Let's say the birthday boy or girl likes Dinosaurs. Obviously this will be the theme you want to go with. Don't worry about themes, though. That doesn't mean you need to run out and spend a lot of money at the store. You can have a theme and still stick to a budget.

If your child is old enough to participate in the invitation process""let them. You can buy cards or make them. Making them is definitely more fun and more cost effective. Construction paper, scissors, markers and a pack of colorful dinosaur stickers should do the job. You could even get a heavier brand of paper and make postcards. If you want to be more high tech, lots of kids sites on line have dinosaur images you can download as clip art for your invitations.

Next, you want to think about the cake. Again, no need to rush out to the nearest bakery and spend a bundle. You can make a regular cake and still stick with your dinosaur theme. Any of your discount stores will sell little plastic figures, often sets, that can be a creative topper for your child's cake. You can have a dinosaur town right on top, with plastic rocks, trees and even a pterodactyl or two. Or, if you are gifted in the cake decorating department, by all means""go to town.

One of the most important things for a kids' party (that parents often forget) is entertainment. Having a slew of games, contests and the like is a necessity. Consider a water hand off (during hot weather). Have one team be one kind of dinosaur (Stegosauruses) the other team an opposing dinosaur (Velociraptors). Split the kids into their teams with a bucket on each end. Each bucket should contain a regulated amount of water. Each child should be given a plastic cup or large spoon. They must pass the water from each child (by pouring it into a cup for smaller kids, or a large spoon for older kids). Each child pours the water into the next child's cup until it gets to the end child. When the game is done the team with the most water in their bucket wins.

You can also have singing contests, dancing contests, pin the tail on the dinosaur and dinosaur tag. Almost any children's game can be fit into a theme party. Make colorful dinosaur team tags with self adhesive name tags and more dinosaur stickers.

The food is also a consideration. Though the food will be just plain old food, giving it a theme spirited name will make the meal more fun. Try having "dinodogs", "stegoburgers" and "tricerachips". Have a refreshing glass of "lagoon juice" to top it off.

If the party is indoors due to cooler weather, consider letting your child have a costume party. There's nothing like a house full of dinosaurs to make a party a success.

Last, but not least, is decorations. Try putting dinosaur faces on balloons. You and your child can make the faces together and try to come up with the scariest, silliest, or friendliest looking dinosaurs possible. Cut giant leaves out of construction paper and hang them around the balloons. And how about some giant dinosaur foot prints, strategically placed around the party? All you need are a few sheets of green or brown posterboard and a pair of scissors. Let your imagination run wild, you'd be amazed at what you and your kids can come up with to decorate for the big day.

Really, the most important thing in planning a child's party is being in touch with your child. That doesn't mean you'll always be able to give them exactly what they want, but if you work together, you can plan a party that they will love and you will love throwing for them.

Other themes to consider:


Tea Party

Doll Party

Zoo Party

Career Party (have children come as their favorite career; doctor, rock star, nurse, zookeeper, policeman or policewoman, firefighter...)

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Anything your child can imagine!

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