Throwing A Party

Tips and ideas on how to throw a great party and make it less stressful on the host.

Throwing a party can be very stressful and also quite costly, but below are some tips on how to make parties easier on you. If you are able to prepare a lot ahead of time, then you can kick back and enjoy the party more then you ever thought you would. Just keep some of these simple tips in mind and you will be the life of the party as well as the party thrower!

It is a good idea to prepare as much as you can ahead of time. The night before set up the decorations. This can cut a lot of last minute set up time off. Streamers, balloons, and party favors can all be positioned the night before. You can also set up the plates, cups, napkins, and silverware. Non-perishables can be placed out like potato chips, bread, and salt and pepper. These things may seem simple, but it cuts down immensely on the same day set up tasks.

Preparing of the food should be done a few days in advance except for things that will not keep. Cold pasta salads are a great idea for a party. Mix together pasta noodles with green and red peppers, onions, tomato, cheese, etc. Pour in Italian dressing and you have an easy and tasty salad. Another idea for a party if you are serving dinner is fajitas. Fajitas are great because you add your own condiments. Therefore even people who are finicky can put only what they eat on the fajitas. Cutting up the vegetables can be time consuming, but you can cut them up ahead of time. It is also a fairly cheap dinner to make for a large number of people. Try to stay away from foods that spoil easy: keep dishes available that are good even if they are not ice cold or steaming hot.

It is always a good idea when inviting people to have them bring their own beverages. People have many different preferences for drinks and trying to accommodate this can be nearly impossible. If you have people bring their own refreshments it can cut down on a huge cost for you and ensure that everyone is pleased. If you are sending out invitations write bring your own beer and they know that the drinks are not available and they must provide their own.

If feasible try to buy all plastic utensils. The party can be the best time you ever had, but cleaning up will make you think twice about throwing one anytime soon. If everything that you have can be thrown away, it is incredibly easier to clean up. The guests will almost always leave the cleaning to you and if you can throw plates and cups away and not worry about cleaning it will be a better remembered party in your mind. If you can look back and remember talking and laughing it will be better than if you remember scrubbing dishes after the party. If the weather is nice, have the party outside. Obviously, the wear and tear on your house will be less if people are outside whooping it up. The clean up will be less and the garbage will be more easily thrown away. Spills will not ruin carpeting and furniture.

Overall, a party should be an enjoyable time for everyone, even the host. You should be able to kick back and enjoy yourself with the guests that are surrounding you. Just remember what the host goes through and do your best to take it easy on them the next time you are at a party. It is a stressful time, but can be made easier with a few easy ideas and steps. Have fun and be safe!!

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