Facts About ThymuSkin Shampoo

By Eleanor Jewell

  • Overview

    Facts About ThymuSkin Shampoo
    Originally designed by a team of German physicians to reduce the hair loss suffered by those undergoing radiation treatment, and chemotherapy for cancer treatment, the ThymuSkin System has also become a promising product for patients who are considered to be in good health overall, aside from their premature hair loss. ThymuSkin Shampoo is an important part of this system which not only cleanses the hair and scalp, but may also help to combat the hair loss problem at its source.
  • Identification

    ThymuSkin Shampoo is the first step of the complete Thymuskin System. The shampoo will clean your hair, but it is basically a preparation for the second step, which is the ThymuSkin Hair Conditioner, which is immediately followed by the ThymuSkin Hair Treatment. ThymuSkin Shampoo prepares the scalp with nourishing proteins, herbs and Thymus Gland Extract, which will help to stimulate hair growth.
  • Benefits

    Working in cooperation with the ThymuSkin Hair Conditioner, ThymuSkin Hair Treatment, ThymuSkin Hair Gel and Thymuskin Hair Mask, the ThymuSkin Shampoo helps to guard against disorders of the scalp that lead to hair loss, reduces hair loss in those suffering from premature balding, and minimizes the hair loss of chemotherapy patients.

  • Features

    The main ingredient in ThymuSkin Shampoo is extracted from the thymus gland of calves. The resulting peptide, thymosin, is naturally found in the human body and helps to keep the autoimmune system working properly. When the body's immune system is dysfunctional, it begins to attack its own white blood cells. And since premature balding is thought to be a symptom of an unknown autoimmune disorder, it is believed that an increase in thymosine may correct the problem. Therefore, adding the peptide to a list of ingredients that will clean the hair and scalp, ThymuSkin also nourishes and guards the scalp and hair follicles against an autoimmune attack.
  • Time Frame

    ThymuSkin Shampoo is designed to be used everyday. Once progress has been noted, and new hair growth is achieved, the product is then applied every other day. Depending on the extent of the hair loss that has been suffered, the development of new hair growth can take anywhere from three to 12 months. The ThymuSkin Shampoo is applied by pouring a dime sized amount into the palm of your hand, and then massaging the product through wet hair. The hair is then rinsed with warm water, followed by a second wash and rinse.
  • The Facts

    Unlike other hair loss products that are on the market, ThymuSkin Shampoo and the products in the ThymuSkin system, do not have to be used for the duration of your lifetime. ThymuSkin works to strengthen the human body's immune system from on the inside, therefore, once new hair growth has been achieved, the hair should be healthy, and strong enough to survive without the ThymuSkin preparation.
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