Tiger Extinction

Learn what is causing tiger extinction and what we can do to prevent it.

Tigers are on the brink of extinction. There are only between 5,000 and 7,400 tigers left in the wild and the number keeps shrinking. Of the 8 species of tigers, only 5 are still in existence today. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever. What would life be like if we couldn't show our children and our grandchildren the beauty if these animals? It would be a great tragedy. That is why something must be done now before they become extinct.

The biggest threats to the tiger's survival are poachers and loss of habitat. Poachers illegally hunt and kill the tigers for their fur, bones and other parts. The poachers get money for them on the black market. The other problem is that as the human population moves into the tiger's habitat. As the tigers move on, some of the groups of tigers get separated from others. Human populations prevent these groups from ever finding each other. As a result, these segregated groups begin inbreeding within their groups to the point where over time, the tigers give birth to unhealthy cubs with life threatening birth defects. This is known as "population fragmentation"

The ways that we can help prevent the extinction of these beautiful animals is to support politicians who push for tougher laws on the sale of animal parts overseas. Preservation of tiger reserves needs to be enforced with stiffer penalties for those who break the law. Educate yourself and others on tigers. Learn everything you can about these how to save these animals. Knowledge truly is a powerful tool. Start writing campaigns and petitions to send to the politicians in India. The more support the better. Financial support to tiger preservation groups will help. They are doing great things for these animals and they need support. Most zoos have information available for organizations in your region. Check with them for more information.

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