How Are Tiki Torch Lanterns Used To Decorate A Lawn?

How are Tiki torch lanterns used to decorate a lawn? You can hang lamps and lanterns from trees or shepard hooks to decorate your garden. You can also purchase Tiki torches to decorate your lawn. Tiki torches...

Tiki torches are decorative poles that can be used to add uniqueness to your garden. Oftentimes, gardeners use them for tropical themes. Carlton Young, Assistant Manager of the Greenhouse and Gardens Division of Craven Pottery, says there are many varieties to choose from at home improvement stores.

"I have the tiki torch lanterns and then I have regular live lanterns. Most of the tiki torches have the full stab that you stick into the ground. Also we have lanterns where you use the shepherd hook that the lighthouses hang from," Young says.

Many tiki torches serve a purpose. It just depends on how you are going to use them in the garden.

"You can hang lanterns from your trees, but I would recommend the shepherd hook. The Tiki torches are mainly used as a mosquito repellant, but you can burn different oils in the containers," Young says.

Typical ticki torches are decorative poles about 5 feet in height with a top fuel reservoir and wick. They are often used along walkways, pools, patios and decks, and gardens.

Tiki torches come in a variety of styles, but the most common types are made from bamboo or cane. At the top of the cane is a holder with a plastic bottle. The lid of the bottle is fitted with a black metal top that accommodates a thick wick of bound cord that hangs down into the tiki fuel. The exposed portion of the wick can burn for several hours. When the tiki torch is not lit, fresh wick can be pulled up from the bottle.

The tiki torch also has a small attached cap. The flame is extinguished by placing the cap over the burning wick. The cap can stay on the wick to protect it from moisture until the torch is used again.

The stalk of the ticki torch is hollow and can be pushed down into the ground. It is recommended when you live in areas with strong winds, to use PVC that is slightly larger than the diameter of the tiki torch so that it fits the shaft like a sleeve. Cut the PVC into 12-inch lengths, one for each tiki torch. Dig a hole where you want to place a torch, place the PVC in the ground, and then fill in the hole. From here, you can drop your tiki torch into the PVC sleeve already buried in the ground. If the torch drops too low, fill the PVC sleeve with dirt to the desired level.

One thing to be careful about with ticki torches: birds love to sit on them when they are not being used. This can make your lids very dirty. In the section where the PVC connectors are sold you can buy a large diameter coupling and lid. Use super glue to cement the lid to the coupling and place one over each torch like a hat. Make sure the coupling you select is large enough to slide over the top of your torch.

If you decide to decorate your garden with ticki torches, you have many different kinds to choose from. Proper maintenance will guarantee the endurance of the ones you buy. If you are unsure of the type of tiki torch you want to purchase, ask for help. If you explain what you will be using the torches for, sales representatives can give you a better idea of what will work for you.

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