Best Time To Have A Garage Sale

Planning on having a garage sale to get rid of all the stuff piled in your garage and attic? When is the best time to plan for your garages sale?

Some people running errands and driving around on the weekends often see colorful signs put up on street corners announcing garages sales that are being held that day. Since many people are always looking for a good deal, they may stop by and take a look. And then there is a devoted group of people who have taken garage sales to a new level. They comb newspapers the week before looking for upcoming garage sales and plot out their garage sale conquests the day before, often starting their adventures at 6 or 7 in the morning to ensure they are the first shoppers there. Many times we accumulate tons of unwanted items in our garages or our attics and realize that a garage sale is in order. However, when are the best times to actually have a garage sale?

If we are talking about days of the week and times of day, the best days to have a garage sale are on the weekends, especially on Saturdays. Weekday garage sales will not get you many customers because most people are at work on those days. Sundays are good days, as well, but many families attend church on that day, so, while you will still get some devoted garage sale shoppers, you might not get as many. You will want to start your garage sales early on the weekends, especially since many of the more aggressive shoppers will try to stop by your house even before the scheduled time to see if they can peruse your wares before others have had a chance to. You may want to start your garage sale at 7 or 8 in the morning. Anything later than that will cause you to miss out on the early shoppers. Some feel that garage sales are all day events and hold them until 5 or 6 in the evening. That is not necessary. Holding a garage sale until 2 or 3 in the afternoon is more than adequate. Many experienced garage sale shoppers understand that all of the good items go fast, so they do not even bother staying out past the early afternoon.

There are several times of year that are best times to hold your garage sale. As a general rule, if you live in an area where snow or ice is commonplace during late fall and winter, you will want to immediately rule out any of these bad weather months. The few weekends leading up to the beginning of a school year are also great weekends for garage sales. People will be out and about on these weekends getting their kids ready for school by buying school supplies and new school clothes. Many families who are on a tight budget may stop by garage sales to see if there are any gently used clothes for sale that their children will fit in. Also, as the seasons change and people start looking for new clothes for the new seasons, they will start looking towards garage sales, as well. For example, just as people will hit the stores right after the winter season to buy low-priced coats and sweaters, they will do the same at garage sales. One other great time to hold a garage sale is after the winter holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Families, having purchased gifts for their families and friends, will be strapped for cash but still may have the shopping bug, so they will be looking around for bargains and stopping at garage sales.

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