Time Management Tips For Busy Work At Home Parents

Busy parents, are you in need of time management tips? Spending each day efficiently is the key to successsfully working at home with young children around.

Planning is the key to making work-at-home a success, especially with small children to care for. A few time management tips can go a long way to preventing headaches and additional stress.

The first consideration when working at home is where your office is located, if you have one. Depending on its proximity to your children and their activities, you will be altering your schedule around their day. If you need to work closely to your children's play area, it is well-advised to consider when their naps will be and plan your day accordingly. If your children will be spending their time playing in the morning, then you can make good use of that time to do other household activities if their busyness would disturb your work. Then, when they take a nap, consider jumping on your work and being as efficient as possible.

If you work area is far from your children's play area, working while they are playing is a possibility as well. Factor in, your child's interests and when they like to spend time with you and you can avoid a few disruptions.

For example, if your 5-yr-old enjoys watching a few morning TV shows, then take this chance to get some work done. When he tunes out of that and is becoming bored, spend some time getting him engaged in a new activity which will provide you with more work time.

The key to working at home successfully is being as efficient as possible with each moment of the day. I watch my children for cues on how to proceed. If they are irritable in the morning and seem to be needing additional attention I will give it to them and save work for later. Once I find them playing well together, I jump at the chance to work, if even for a few minutes. Every little bit counts.

There are no definite times to do your work at home, but working around your children's day is essential. For instance, if you think you are going to always work in the mornings and then your children need you, you have only set yourself up for potential disappointment. Flexibility is the key and once you gain control of that you are sure to get work done each and every day while keeping your little ones happy.

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